Ten Great Gift Ideas that Anyone is Sure to Enjoy!

Gift Ideas For Anyone

If you have a lot of loved ones with birthdays coming up, it might be a good idea to start thinking about their gifts now. Why not get everyone on your shopping list something different this year? There are many great gifts out there that those on your list will love.

Moreover, they won’t even cost you much either. Here are some great birthday present ideas that you still have time to get.

#1. Starbucks Gift Card

Do you have a coffee lover in your life? If so, why not get them something they will really love and use? A Starbucks Gift Card. Everyone can find something they enjoy drinking at Starbucks, whether it’s a hot cup of cappuccino or a frozen latte.

Won’t that special someone on your list be surprised to find you got them something different this year that they can actually use and really enjoy? Moreover, they will never know what is wrapped in such a small package, or you can even decide to fool them and put it in a large box.

#2. Setapp Mac Apps Collection

A Setapp Mac Apps Collection is a wide variety of Mac apps available with a subscription. This would make the perfect gift for those on your list who love downloading apps. App categories cover things like lifestyle, productivity, Mac maintenance, web development, writing, creativity, personal finance, and education.

By starting a subscription, they will not have to purchase every individual app. Rather, they can use their subscription for full access to every application in the library for no additional fees. They will really enjoy it. Click here for more information: https://setapp.com/lifestyle/best-christmas-gifts-ideas

#3. A Phone Case

Who doesn’t have a mobile device nowadays that they carry with them everywhere they go? Most people have a cover for their phone, but they may have had it for a while and would love something new. Alternatively, if there is someone on your list that don’t already have a stylish, convenient phone cover, this would make a perfect gift. Just be sure and find out what kind of phone they have beforehand as there are specific cases for each brand.

#4. Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon has become the go-to place for practically everything these days, such as books, music, clothing, shoes, furniture, electronics, and much more. Therefore, a subscription to Amazon Prime may be just what some may need.

Being a Prime member gives the recipient many advantages when shopping, but mainly free shipping on numerous products. Of course, shoppers may have an existing Prime shopping account. Even better, you can pay their subscription fees for a few months or more.

#5. Give the Gift of Learning

Allowing someone to learn something new is probably the best gift of all. Coursera offers a wide variety of courses great for someone on your list who..

#6. RAM; Extra PC Memory

We all want our computers to run faster without lagging, and adding more RAM is one thing that can help. Slow computers that lag may lack sufficient Random Access Memory (RAM), which is available for purchase at many stores online. However, this requires that you get the right model as each computer takes a specific chip.

#7. An External Drive

Freeing up your hard drive or phone cannot only make your device run faster, but it will help make room for other things. An external drive is a device that you can use to store files, relevant information, and even save backup copies of stuff you don’t want to lose. This would make an excellent gift for those who share a lot of photos on social media or download music and movies.

#8. Buy Them a Tour

There are some people who never think to travel and see something new. Find out about tours offered in their area to help them get to know more about their surroundings, and they will love you for it. There are always great attractions and historical landmarks to tour and explore.

#9. A subscription to Hulu, Netflix, YouTube Red, or Another Place to Watch Movies Online

Besides working, we also have other essential things to run around and do all day, so wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sit down, relax, and enjoy a good movie or show after all the hassle? Movie viewing platforms like Netflix and Hulu have thousands of shows and movies that subscribers can watch free. Also, there are so many selections to choose from in numerous genres.

#10. A Kindle reading subscription

A Kindle reader would make a great gift for the people on your list who do a lot of reading. Also sold on Amazon, A kindle reader allows you to choose from various reading material that you can read for free with a subscription. This is especially great for kids as they have a lot of awesome kid’s books as well.


Remember, birthdays are not about what you give; it is about who you give to. Everybody has specific people in their circle that they want to provide with a gift; therefore, it makes someone feel special just to receive a present from you no matter what that gift may be. However, it is no fun when you get the same boring presents every year. That’s why sending one of these unique gift ideas will make someone on your list very happy this year.

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