email marketing skills

Email marketing has stood the test of time despite many predictions over the years that the new digital marketing platforms would replace it.

It has continued to be the best way to reach out to both prospects and existing clients. It is one of the best ways businesses can improve and grow, especially small and medium-sized ones.

By improving the effectiveness of their email marketing campaign, they can drive more traffic to their websites and have robust sales.

You can improve your email marketing through the use of a mailing list service company. The following are some of the ways to create emails that are customer-friendly effectively.

Segment your mailing list 

Every client has their preferences and is interested in different services and products. Thus, categorizing their emails according to their preference is vital in ensuring the right information gets to the right client. The key thing is to understand each client and their interests. With these, you can send coupons, news, events, etc.

Email should be mobile-friendly

With the current technology where most people open their emails through their cellphone, it is critical to make your email mobile-friendly. Most people would delete an email that incorrectly opens or does not display some crucial images or information. Therefore, it is important that you consider text-only emails and maybe provide a link within the email to direct a client to the products on your website.

Avoid the nonreply type of emails

It is best to have your email come from a real person as opposed to an auto-generated one. The email should originate from a member of your team or the team leader to allow clients to reply or interact with you.

Have a compelling subject line 

The subject line is very important since it is the first thing clients see when they open their email; thus, it is important to make it compelling and straight to the point. You can start by either a product that your clients will find hard to resist, such as a huge discount, or anything important that is trending.

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