Mid Century Modern Living Room Idea

Decorating Your Home in a way that it doesn’t look dated after a couple of years can be tricky. If you look at homes that were decorated a few years ago from today then 8 out of 10 times you’ll be able to put a date on them.

The trends back then were pretty different from the existing trends these days. While fads may come and go, timelessness can go on forever. So what can you do to keep your home decor from seeming boring after some time? Here are some tips to help you deal with just that.

Trust your intuition

When you are decorating your home always go for the things you really feel like buying. Whenever you are self-satisfied with the decorations that are in your house you’ll never feel bored. This way your home will represent your taste and there’s no way you’ll get bored of that. In your home decor the past trends and present trends can both exist equally to give a classy yet timeless feel to your home. So instead of taking people’s advice on what is in you should trust your instincts.

Make your home cozy

Before splurging your money on furniture pieces you need to check to see if they’re comfortable or not. Uncomfortable furniture around your house won’t serve any purpose and it will just take up a lot of space. So just like you try out clothes before buying them you also need to see if the furniture you’re getting is comfortable or not. Remember that comfort never goes out of style so make your home as cozy as you can. You can put a comfy over dyed rug on the floors to glam up your home.

Change the furniture fabric

Patterns and colors go out of style as fast as they come in. In order to keep the interior of your home updated instead of changing the whole furniture you can simply change the fabric of sofas, dining chairs or pillows. This is an amazing yet cost conscious way of keeping the design of your home from looking outdated.

Incorporate color with little things

You may find it tough to change the fabric of your furniture with every passing trend so one easy way to keep your decor up to date is to incorporate color or pattern in your home with little things. For example if turquoise is the color for spring season then you can’t be sure that it’ll be just as in after a couple of months.

So in order to incorporate it in your home in a budget friendly way you can use accessories, throw pillows or rugs of that color to brighten up your home. And when it’s no longer a part of the trend you can easily swap those little things with another color.