Modern Bathroom Wall Tiles

The modern decor relies on stark, simplistic lines and functional details. There are no frills and finery that was so loved by earlier designs. The furniture has clean and uncluttered lines. Instead of the pomp and gilt of earlier styles, we had a clean and functional style. The modern style celebrated form and function, bridging efficiency with aesthetics.

It was reflective of the time it was born in. Although some people see it as a recent development, modern decor style actually came into force after World War II when simplicity in living was necessary because of economic hardships. But it is a style that has remained ever popular. It is especially important in small spaces like bathrooms and bathroom wall tiles India are the best means of achieving it.

Why Use Tiles To Create A Modern Style?

The modern style lays emphasis on minimalism. It works with the essentials, rejecting any extra unnecessary props. This means that every essential is seamlessly incorporated in the look. Since tiles are a necessary part of any bathroom, they must be part of the overall look. In addition, tiles also create the biggest visual impact in a bathroom. Ignoring their look, hence, creates an unfinished look.

The materials used in the modern style are also important. Stone, wood, ceramic, slate and glass are used. We can use these materials together to give a room different texture, appearance and look.

It is also ideal for our shrinking urban spaces. The modern-styled bathroom is the perfect decor style for a small bathroom. The clean, uncluttered lines make the most of a small space. The modern style also gives importance to creating open spaces. The lack of frills and clutter means that small bathroom appears larger than it is.

How You Can Create A Modern Style With Bathroom Wall Tiles India

Pick the pattern: The modern style works best with clean geometric designs. Tiles are usually in already available in straight geometric design, making your choice considerably easier. However, just plain straight lines can get boring. So, why not play a little with the patterns? The break from straight lying of tiles provides an interesting pattern that is eye-catching in itself. The subway style is quite common. But even here, you can tweak the established pattern. Lay the bricks at an angle to get a herringbone pattern!

Pick A Colour

Grey is quite common in the modern style and it is uncommon enough in Indian homes that you can make it a stand-out feature. The trick lies in picking the colour of the furnishing. For a dramatic contrast, pair a pale grey with black furnishings and a dark grey with white furnishings. White or off-white are always popular. You can pair these with chrome fittings or pale wooden furnishings

Make A Splash

Although grey is usually used in modern style, there is no reason why you cannot opt for other colours. In fact, we highly recommend a dramatic shade for making a splash. You can choose jet black tiles or even a bold fiery red. Pairing the black tiles with white colours creates an unforgettable impact.

Check The Accessories

In the modern style, even the accessories are important. The door pegs, window blinds and even the toiletry set should be colour coordinated. The modern style works with bold primary colours. You can go for neutral shades or try more vivid colours like red or blue. However, do not mix up bold colours. If your tiles are red, keep your accessories in a lighter white or off-white shade.

Combine The Elements

Then modern style gives you plenty of opportunities to play with different elements. The use of chrome and stainless steel is a big part of this style school. But why just think of the accessories? Try different elements in tiles as well. You can go for big natural stone tiles. Natural stones like pale sandstone or marble today are available in interesting shades and patterns. You can even go for wood-look tiles for an interesting element.

Today we have plenty of options in bathroom wall tiles India to create a modern style. Whether your taste runs into Art Deco or Cubism, tiles can be the perfect means of creating a complete look.