Curtain Lights

As the sun sets and the moon appears in the sky, your backyard feels the need of lighting to avoid turning into an uninviting, dark place. Fight this night time requirement with our extremely simple yet mind-blowing curtain lights specially designed to light up your deck.

Use curtain lights for:

  • Weddings
  • General deck lighting
  • Dinner parties
  • Graduation parties

Possibilities are endless when you start thinking about how these versatile curtain light sets should be used. Below are few suggestions to start with:

#1. Window Treatments
Hang a set of curtain lights on each side of a window and use sheer curtains over the lights. The curtain panels and lights can either hand straight or can be pulled to the side securely during the daytime. Use tension rods or permanently installed methods to hang these light sets.

#2. Prom/Homecoming Dances
Gymnasiums are often decorated using a primary theme and turned into a wonderful, welcoming place. Curtain lights offer a great way to add spark to the ceiling or entryway of the gym or can be used to create a nice backdrop for photographs.

#3. Display Cases
When one or two curtain lights are installed on the back wall of large glass displays, they instantly get a fabulous touch. Schools often highlight their student achievements by placing trophies, certificates and jerseys on big displays cases. It is a good idea to add lights to these cases to draw more attention to them.

#4. Cover Walls
Dress up any accent wall, bedroom wall, empty wall behind your favorite display or anything else by using curtain mini lights. It is a good idea to layer sheer curtain over the light sets to give a soft, luxurious and romantic appearance to any room.

#5. Retail Window Displays
Use the curtain lights to highlight special holiday displays, mannequins, sales promotions or anything special by installing them on sides of the display window.

#6. Special Events
Banquets, wedding receptions and black-tie events will get a sparkle and touch of sensation when decorated with beautiful sets of curtain lights.

#7. Additional suggestions on using curtain mini lights

  • Adding one or two sets into your children’s reading room to give some additional light and improve the atmosphere
  • Placing a set of curtain lights behind the headboard in a girl’s room accompanied by sheer or tulle white fabric. The lights would sparkle in the night through the sheer fabric and throw light points on the walls, making the room really fun and cozy
  • Installing these lights at live events behind the live DJ, band or musical group
  • During dances – regardless of the time of the year or theme, these lights turn any space into a beautiful environment
  • Christmas displays – ideal for lighting up sides of garage or garden shed instantly. Use the lights to decorate a fence lining or highlight and invisible fence
  • Restaurants and other businesses – mini curtain lights can spruce up a dark area and draw attention to specials or sale items at any business

How to Hang Curtain Lights in 3 Easy Steps

No matter why you use hanging curtain lights, the installation process remains the same. You are just three steps away from a cozy, appealing lighting your deck!

Step One: You Need Curtain Lights

To start this project, you need sufficient curtain lights for the entire space you want to light up and also something that holds the lights in their positions. Here, we use hooks featuring adhesive backs. You can also use screw or nails instead of hooks to get a long-lasting, permanent installment.

Note: Our deck needed three light curtain sets totaling 18 feet. If your project involves a coverage across longer distance, you can use more because LED curtain lights enable connecting up to 29 sets together. We used incandescent lights UL listed.

Step Two: How to Hang your New Curtain Lights- Hook, Nail or Clip

Begin with the end nearest to your power outlet and start attaching nails, screws or adhesive hooks to the surface. It is a good idea to position a hook on the first light drop so that plug is supported and then place the hooks between every light drop. As each drop is placed 6” apart, it does not need measuring. Go with each drop so that every hook has only a limited amount of weight to support. If you are using screw or nail instead of hooks, you can consider spacing them at alternate drops. Those who are hanging lights from gutters can consider reusing the icicle clips from holidays and use one clip each drop.

Once you complete the first light section, connect the first section with the second section using end-to-end connectors and attach the strings of the lights to the hanging surface on the space you want to light up.

On reaching the end, add an additional hook to provide a good support to the ending plug giving a smooth finish to the light setting.

Step Three: Light Curtain Lights up!

Insert in the lights and get ready to enjoy the beautiful glow! If you want to hang the lights outdoors or on a deck, an outdoor extension cord is needed because the lead is just 7.5” and is suitable for end-to-end function and not long enough to extend to outlets.

It is advisable to choose a permanent installation as you will not feel like taking the lights down ever again once you set them up.