Security Doors

There are number of options for security doors but before buying you need to know about the features and installation techniques to do the job.

When we think of a house then the first thing comes in our mind is the security particularly doors and the gate in the property. No neighbour hood is totally immune to theft and burglaries, and even the most secured neighbour hoods have this problem of occasional burglaries.

It is imperative to new homeowners and old houses with not so strong gates to install a good security doors. Security doors in Melbourne are easily available in variety of places, and if you want a full customisation, you can opt for private contractor to fabricate your doors according to your interior designing.

Tips to install enduring security doors

The biggest advantage of security door is the durability and resistant to impact. These doors are not only hard to break in but also resistant to strong weather conditions such as tornedo etc.

In a place where harsh climatic condition could be a problem, these impact resistant doors do well in the long run. With the advancement of technology, criminals can find new ways to break in strong doors.

Features of security doors

If you don’t use the technology in your favour, it will give open up possibilities for criminals to break-in your house. So, it is better to install locks with burglar alarms to make sure that if some intruder tampers with your door, you can get the message.

The material by which the door is fabricated is also a significant factor. Most of these doors are made of good solid aluminium or steel. Some doors are made with strong wood with multiple coating.

Steel doors in Melbourne are the popular one, as most of these doors come with brass bolts and glass interiors, which make is sturdy and at the same time look good.

Solid security

First thing of security is to make your outside door fully solid and kick-proof. That means you want a door that is made up with solid materials like solid wood or steel. Wooden doors are good, but require maintenance.

If you have a low budget, you can go for fibreglass or metal alloy doors. While choosing a metal door, you make sure your have interior reinforcement and a lock block to prevent intruders to bend it open with car jack.

Reinforced security doors in Melbourne are great but it demands regular maintenance to prevent corrosion.

Go windowless

Door windows allow light to enter your entrance and feel pleasant. But these windows pose security threats. If your window is installed within arm’s reach of your lock, it can be easily broken and unlock the door from the inside.

If you have a windowed door, use reinforced glass or considered bars or metal reinforcement. Also, if you have a window within the arm reach, it is better to install a secondary door lock at floor level.

Goodbye shrubbery

Everyone wants a green surrounding, but be careful where to plant your shrub, trees and bushes. Don’t plant anything near the door for it is easy for a burglar to lie in wait and then find a way to enter into the house.

Install a deadbolt

No matter how strong your door is, without a strong lock, it is of little use. Even the strongest door can be easily broken if the lock is not extended deep enough into the doorframe. While choosing a deadbolt, always go for brand names.

Don’t forget the frame

Many people overlook the frame and door jamb. These are important aspect to your door security, so avoid thin strike plate and opt for deeper box strike. Instead of only doorjamb, affix 3” screws deep into the wall studs.

Important points to note

  • Always check the certified quality standards and see the Standards Australia logo before buying. This is the easiest way to be sure that you get the authentic door.
  • Always hire a professional to install your door, even that is slightly higher than the budget. Installation should be according to Australian standard for installation.
  • Make sure there should be any weak link in the security chain.
  • Security doors are not just for preventing burglars but also resistant against harsh winters and storm. Choose a sturdy and durable frames and screen materials when you buy the door.

Jag Cruse has a great knowledge in the domain of security doors and features of houses. He has been working in this field for more than 15 years and executed different types of security doors in Melbourne and other related projects.

He writes occasionally about the security doors, decorative steel doors in Melbourne and other crucial aspects of security set-up.