CBD Oil for Puppies

Science has proven many beneficial medical effects of cannabidiol. This research that has shown amazing results. Scientists are still performing numerous tests on the effectiveness of CBD in treating severe diseases in humans and animals. That’s why manufacturers are not allowed to label CBD oils as conventional medicines but as a supplement.

What distinguishes this product from other preparations is the high degree of safety of use. If you opt for broad-spectrum CBD oil, which is the best choice for dogs, your pet will not feel any side effects. These oils do not contain THC, which can be dangerous to animals. Find out more at this link.

Lack of THC means that CBD oil has no psychoactive effect. That makes it safe for use in dogs of all ages, and even puppies. Yet, regardless of the safety of this preparation, one should be careful when dosing and administering.

Put CBD Oil in Food or Water

Young dogs can be quite headstrong and spoiled. Don’t expect them to accept so quickly that you put a dropper with a dose of CBD oil in their mouth. Even if you succeed to do it once, your puppy probably won’t be thrilled with the grassy taste of this natural remedy.

Then, you need to be creative and find various ways for your pup to get a daily dose of cannabidiol. Although oral administration is most desirable, it is not always feasible. So try to administer CBD to your dog through food or water.

Puppies up to a certain age, mostly eat wet food. The consistency of this food is ideal for mixing a few drops of cannabidiol into it, without the dog even noticing it. The strong meaty aroma of this food will completely mask the taste of CBD oil. Give your puppy the amount of food enough for a single meal. That way, they’ll eat the whole bowl and take the full dose of cannabidiol at the same time.

You can also add CBD oil to water. Still, this is not the right solution if your pet is not drinking enough water. Simply put, some puppies don’t need water because wet food gives them enough fluids. Do not force your pet to drink water, but watch out for the signs of dehydration.

What symptoms show that your pet is not taking enough water, read on the following web page:


Pour CBD over Dog Snack

Giving treats to your pooch is not the only way to pamper them. These yummy bites can serve as an excellent method for teaching a dog on the principle of reward and punishment, but also as a great way to sneak out some CBD oil. You can give them these treats occasionally, a couple of times a day when it’s time for their dose of cannabidiol.

Puppies are still in the developmental period, and they need all the nutrients for healthy growth. Your dog should get them from healthy meals, not from industrial snacks, full of additives. If you want to know what your dog is eating, prepare healthy homemade bites for them.

Pour CBD oil over your puppy’s favorite treat, and put it in their mouth. Do not let them sniff this bite, as there is a chance that they will smell something odd in it. Avoid adding this product to treats that are baked at high temperatures, so that cannabidiol does not lose its properties.

Consult Your Vet

For several years now, pet owners around the world have been familiar with cannabidiol and its benefits. Vets highly recommend this supplement, but not just for every dog ​​and for every health condition. Thus, it is best to consult your pet doctor before deciding to give your puppy this product, even just as a dietary supplement.

Although no one denies the safety of using CBD Oil for puppies, it is still desirable that this preparation is not the first option. Some conditions and diseases in puppies can be easily treated and controlled by changing lifestyles and individual habits.

For example, a small dog may show some signs of aggression and problematic behavior. If you notice acting out of your pooch on time, you can solve it with proper training. Yet, some conditions, such as chronic pain, appetite loss, or more severe forms of anxiety, require the use of CBD oil.

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