Commercial Waterproofing Solutions

One of the most serious concerns affecting the sturdiness and stability of commercial buildings is water leakage. Water can seep into the surface and slowly start the process of decaying the walls, weakening the foundation of the entire building.

So, in order to protect the exterior decks from water intrusions, you must install the commercial deck waterproofing system which is an essential part of a waterproofing membrane specially designed for this facility. Here, we have put together some of the crucial ways of implementing the commercial deck waterproofing system that will protect the exterior decks from the damages of water leakages.

#1 Checking for leakage signs regularly

If you have more cracks in the roofs or the walls, it will allow more amount of moisture to seep into the flat surfaces of the exterior decks. When there is a constant volume of water on the decks, it can easily weaken the coatings and destroy its waterproofing protection. So, you have to repair the leaks immediately after identifying them. This will ascertain that decks are less frequently exposed to water and in turn assure the longevity of the coating system.

#2 Waterproofing at the early stages of Construction

If you install the commercial deck waterproofing system during the early phases of construction, it will make sure in case of any water accumulation while the building is constructed there is no chance of it seeping into the newly constructed deck structure. So, you must waterproof the decks at the early stages.

#3 Cleaning the deck before installing the waterproofing system

You must always clean the accumulated debris and dirt on the deck’s surface before applying the waterproofing system. You can try pressure washing or hose down which makes sure that the tightly-lodged particles are also removed from the deck. Always use cleaning solutions on the deck which are appropriate for the surface and then you have to thoroughly rinse it down.

#4 Using the appropriate waterproofing Product

The product for the commercial deck waterproofing must be such that it perfectly meets the facility requirements. A variety of waterproofing coatings are available for above or below-grade decks and certain specific ones for wood, steel or concrete and other different kinds of surfaces. Your particular need for undertaking such waterproofing protection will actually determine the choice of your coating. You must preferably stick to the ones which can withstand regular, heavy and high volume loads and at the same time, provide you with certain aesthetics which can enhance the beauty of the deck remarkably.

#5 Resort to waterproofing experts for the best result

All commercial facilities must have the help and support of waterproofing experts who can design, install and maintain the deck waterproofing systems. Any kind of a waterproofing failure will incur huge costs. So, it is highly recommended that you use a professional waterproofing coatings contractor for ensuring a durable and fruitful result. Experts have the requisite tools, techniques and the knowledge that will enable them to provide you with the finest quality of waterproofing solutions.

#6 Following instructions before applying the product

You have to use suitable tools like brushes and rollers to evenly apply the waterproofing material on the deck and with precision. Follow the product instructions to know about the recommended drying time. It is important that the area should be free of any kind of vehicle or foot traffic so that the product can completely heal the affected area.

#7 Look out for signs of damage in the waterproofing system

Even the waterproofing system can deteriorate from time to time. So, you must check it for any signs of damage and if there is any, it must be repaired at the earliest. All repairs must be done by the contractor of waterproofing coatings in order to ensure they have been done with complete precision and in the correct manner according to the specifications of the manufacturer. The current state of the waterproofing system and the present condition of the deck will determine all the remediation activities.

If the commercial deck waterproofing system is properly installed and subsequently maintained from time to time, it can definitely keep the deck in a brilliant condition. When the waterproofing membrane is protected from any sort of failure or damage, the decks are further equipped to give a more long lasting and improved performance. So, quickly look for the best company excelling in waterproofing Melbourne now.

Jim Mosby is a lifestyle blogger and here, he gives us some important tips for protecting the deck with commercial waterproofing solutions. Contact the best company for protecting your decks with waterproofing Melbourne.