Debt Settlement Career

Debt settlement may be defined as the debt relief option where a lump-sum one-time payment may be offered so that your remaining debt from the balance would be forgiven.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he specific debt settlement activities could be performed with expertise and competence only by financial professionals specializing in this field. In order to establish yourself and find a niche for yourself in this sector, you need to keep certain things on top of your mind.

A Fast Growing Sector

You must be aware that this is truly a growing sector and debt settlement companies seem to be growing very fast. This fact is, therefore, creating tremendous opportunities for young qualified professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in the debt settlement sector.

Work from Home Advantage

You could avail the opportunity of working from home performing the responsibilities of a debt manager. You could pursue your own freelance debt settlement business. There are numerous excellent debt settlement companies.

You would be really surprised to find out that the majority of the debt settlement firms would be outsourcing their primary or key services associated with debt negotiation. In fact, many of the debt settlement law companies could be offering fantastic deals to third party negotiators.

Debt Settlement Companies

You could find employment opportunities in numerous “debt settlement companies”. These debt settlement companies usually are looking for recovery/ collection agents and negotiators who would be negotiating the debts with the client’s creditors.

The clients who get in touch  with those companies for professional assistance would actually, be provided with these proficient debt negotiators who would be negotiating with the creditors basically on behalf of their clients.

Debt settlement companies often hire the services of debt negotiators. Professional debt negotiators would be required to possess sound knowledge about debt collection procedures and practices and additional knowledge about the precise laws relevant to the debtors and the creditors.

Duties and Responsibilities

Debt negotiators working in debt settlement companies are responsible for providing financial advice and they need to help the client in chalking out a budget that would be suiting their specific requirements.

Their duties would be including assessing the client’s present financial condition and examining his credit history. He would be providing effective counseling on investments and savings.

A fully qualified and experienced debt negotiator would be establishing contact with the client’s creditors; he would be validating the debt and negotiating the best possible settlement agreement for his client.

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Experience, Education, and Expertise

Though no formal education is mandatory, most debt settlement companies would be looking for candidates with necessary training and experience in precisely debt negotiation.  You could receive the training at any university, community college or an online college.

You could get trained at schools specializing in debt arbitration. You must possess excellent communication skills and possess exceptional convincing abilities. Additionally, experience in the arena could be an added advantage if you are thinking in terms of experienced positions in the debt settlement business.

Some companies would be providing training to the newly appointed debt negotiators. This training would go a long way in establishing you in this sector. A humble nature and a good attitude could help you attain success in this field of work. Some states would be demanding a special license to operate as a debt negotiator.

However, certification requirements would vary from company to company and from state to state.


You would be getting a percentage depending on what the debt settlement company is actually getting from their clients as fees. If you are operating from home, the credit card firms or the banks could be asking you to consider recovering the debts. You would be getting your salary as a commission that is based on the amount recovered.

Legal Regulations

You must examine all the existing rules and regulations as per the law associated with debt settlement if you are thinking of pursuing this career. A reliable debt negotiator would need to know all the legal regulations and restrictions and must abide by them while performing debt settlement activities.


If you are passionate about helping people in financial distress and are interested in debt settlement and negotiation jobs for individual clients, debt settlement companies, credit companies and banks, you could pursue a successful career in this field. If you have an in-depth working knowledge many companies would gladly hire you.

David Wicks is a career counselor based in Boston. He is an avid blogger and writes on various career prospects for the young aspirants. Recently he has been focusing on debt settlement professionals and their career prospects. He recommends debt settlement reviews, to his young readers, so that they are able to get a clear perspective.