Water Heater

There are several brands and models of water heaters available in the market. So, the consumers sometimes be at a state of confusion regarding their choice of the right water heater. There are tank as well as tankless water heaters available in the market. The water heaters are the most crucial equipment for the households. So, here are seven valuable advice that can be followed before buying a water heater.

Deciding whether to opt for a tank or tankless water heater

The tank water heaters are available in two variants- electric and gas. This particular tank is insulated in order to retain the warmness of the water within the tank. There is also a thermostat which controls the overall temperature of the water. Whereas the tankless water heaters is energy efficient, comfortable and convenient to use. They undoubtedly have immense capacity of providing endless supply of hot water. So, if you are willing to spend some more money, then you should certainly opt for a tankless water heater.

Energy efficiency

This is obvious that the tankless water heaters are much more energy efficient when compared with the traditional tank water heaters. A tankless water heater consumes less energy because it only heats water when being used. Therefore, the energy is being used only when the equipment is on. In case of the traditional water heaters, the water is being stored in the tank and eventually cools down and then again fuel is being consumed in order to heat the water again. Thus, there is wastage of energy. You should always opt for an energy efficient water heater which would save a lot of your hard earned money in electricity per month. So, the experts strongly suggest the consumers to purchase an energy efficient water heater even though they cost a little more than the conventional ones. This will enable you to save a lot of money on your electricity bill in the long run.

Space for installation

This is a fact that the conventional water heaters come in bulky designs and occupies a lot of space to be installed in your house or office. On the contrary, the tankless water heaters contribute a lot in saving the space for installation. The tankless water heaters usually come in compact design and take up relatively much lesser space as compared to a traditional tank water heater. So, this is another good reason to opt for a tankless water heater.


The tankless water heaters have longer durability as compared to the conventional tank water heaters. A tankless water heater usually has a life span of 20 years whereas a traditional tank water heater has a life of around 10-15 years. Also another great feature of tankless water heaters is that the parts of this are easily replaceable which ensures a greater durability.

Storage capacity

When we talk about the aspect of water storage, then a conventional tank water heater can store up to 150 liters of hot water which is good enough to fulfill your water needs for your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. A tankless water heater usually supplies few liters of hot water at a time which is lesser than a traditional tank water heater. Here I found a good number of tankless water heater reviews which can help you to choose from.

Cost factors

When it comes to the cost of the water heater, then the tankless water heaters cost higher than the conventional tank water heaters. The various tankless models of water heaters usually need several electrical outlets for the purpose of the electronics and fans, new and improved ventilation and upgraded gas pipes. So, because of the improved features, a tankless water heater comes with a higher price tag. But it is worth it to pay the extra amount as it saves a lot of power eventually. So, the experts advise that prior to making a choice, it is very crucial to consider your home’s specific requirements and your lifestyle as well.

Model and looks

Once you have decided whether you want to purchase a conventional or tankless water heater, you then have to choose the model which is of highest utility to you and can provide you the best benefits as per your requirements.

Following the above 7 advices from the experts before purchasing a water heater can help you make the best buying decision for sure.