Top 10 Cameras Under $500

top 10 digital cameras

The rise of digital content has increased the demand of high quality cameras. Internet is flooded with videos and images and due to ease of accessibility these things get circulated very fast.

Quality of content matters a lot and if you are in any kind of visual content business you must own a high quality camera to capture breathtaking videos and images. In this post we are going to discuss about few best and budget friendly DSLRs price ranging about $500.

Cameras have become more advanced these days and the best thing is that you got a lot of options to choose from. Many worlds’ top brands are making best quality digital cameras nowadays. When you start looking for a quality camera for yourself you may get overwhelmed by the multiple options available.

To sort out this problem you must Google for top 10 digital cameras online and I am sure that is going to help you. I have also created a worthy list of top 10 cameras under $500 which you will surely find helpful in choosing a right one for you.

Canon EOS-Rebel T6

Starting the list with one of the world’s most popular camera brands, Canon. This camera brand is famous for its high quality cameras and relevant accessories. I have listed here Canon EOS-Rebel T6 which will no doubt help you in capturing breathtaking images and videos.

This camera is packed with a lot of great features and you can own this product by investing less than $500. If you are going to buy a camera for the first time you must look for the features offered. I have listed the features of this camera and this will help you in exploring this device easier.

Canon EOS-Rebel T6 Features

Nikon D3500

Nikon is another popular and widely appreciated camera brand. Nikon have a market share of approximately 20% and sell millions of camera sets each year. I have listed Nikon D3500 here and it can be your best investment on a DSLR.

The Nikon D3500 is a redesigned and refreshed version of its predecessor D3400. It is equipped with 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS censors and fast focusing 18-55 mm camera lens. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, if you are looking for a budget friendly DSLR then Nikon D3500 could be the perfect choice.

Nikon D3500 Features

Sony A68

Best DRLR camera for action lovers. Due to its less conventional and SLT construction, Sony A68 is capable in offering up to 79 phase detect points and that isn’t found in most of the same level DSLR cameras. Its 8fps shooting and 4D focus tracking technology makes it possible to capture crispy images of even fast moving objects.

The OLED viewfinder and tilting screen makes the navigation easier and convenient. Sony A68 is no doubt one of the best DSLRs when it comes to capture vibrant images in awkward angles and low light conditions.

Sony A68 Features

Panasonic Lumix-GX80

Panasonic Lumix-GX80 is exception in this list and cost more than $500 but this DSLR camera is worth of its price. This high level camera is equipped with high-tech features and also has compact body style. The features include post focus, light-speed AF, 5X image stabilization, 4K ultra HD image and video capturing ability.

Panasonic Lumix-GX80 Features

Sony A6000

Sony A6000 is a mirror-less DSLR camera and one of the best budget friendly alternatives of its expensive successors. You won’t believe but A6000 is Sony’s best selling mirror-less camera till this time.

This camera may not have a 4K video option like his elder siblings but it has many features which you may not find on another individually priced DSLRs. The features are as follows: 179 phases detect, 11fps shooting, tilting screen, built-in NFC and Wi-Fi.

Sony A6000 Features

Sony Cyber-shot RX100

If you are looking for a sleek and lightweight camera then you must not look other than Sony RX100. At the time of launch RX100 stunned the market due to its sleek and compact design. Its ultra bright Carl Zeiss lens makes it possible to capture high quality razor sharp images with defocused backgrounds.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Features

Nikon D5300

Nikon D5300 looks like a conventional or typical entry level DSLR camera but it comes with handful of extra features which others did not offers. The extra feature includes 3.2 inch LCD screen, GPS and a 39 point AF system.

These functions made it particularly a great camera for travel and nomad photographers. With 24.2 APS-C camera sensors Nikon D5300 has an edge over its competitors in perspective of image quality and resolution.

Nikon D5300 Features

Panasonic LumixG7

DSLRs are getting more popular these days but a mirror-less cameras are not yet outdated and can also make a huge difference. It can be the best investment for those who are looking for low budget entry level digital camera.

The extraordinary design of LumixG7 makes it lighter and compact while on the other hand it also offers cutting edge video, intelligent focusing, creative controls, exposure technology and crisp audio. It is possible that these unique features and camera qualities may not available in many traditional DSLRs.

Panasonic LumixG7 Features

Canon EOS-Rebel SL2

Canon EOS-Rebel SL2 isn’t a new launch but it does not mean it is lack of essential latest features. This Canon camera offers both, great value and versatility at one place. Its CMOS-AF system delivers mirror-less like autofocus and performance.

Canon EOS-Rebel SL2 Features

Olympus OM-D (E-M10 II)

Olympus does not have a huge market share but it offers best quality camera, components and related accessories. Olympus’s OM line get huge appreciation and proved huge success among the users and with OM-D (E-M10 II), company has provided better version on a comparatively tighter budget.

Features of Olympus OM-D (E-M10 II)

Bottom Line:

21st century is the century of visual content and you must have accesses over high quality visual content to compete. To fulfill your needs of high quality content you need to own best devices and gadgets.

Top quality gadgets and devices can cost you a lot and if you aren’t able to spend a fortune you look for goods according to your budget. Exceeding your budget was never a good idea and you must not make the same mistake.

With little research and effort you can find many top DSLR or mirror-less cameras. There are so many options available even you may get overwhelmed. I have featured few of them in this list and hope this list will help you in finding your first budget friendly digital camera.

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