RO Systems

After installing RO plant system at your home, you expect purer water than before. But as we know, these are still the machines that develop problems over time if not taken care by the user properly. Reverse Osmosis Plant suppliers will explain common issues with RO systems that users encounter at least once in the life time. Let’s get to know about these issues in detail. Once you install RO system, some parts of the system, especially the drain may produce noise for some time.

A Noisy Drain and / or Faucet

This is completely normal because the noise is an output of air being ejected out. However, if this continues for longer, it can become a problem. To deal with the noise, you need to straight the tubes as bends can be a real cause of the noise.

Slow Water Flow

You may find occasionally that the water flow through the faucet is slow. When you notice this, you must check if the water pressure in the tank is optimum. The incoming water pressure could be lower than the minimum requirement i.e. 40 Psi. You should check the filter membranes as they may be clogged and if you find clogged membranes, replace them.

Any bend present in the tubing system results in low water flow. You can straighten the tubes and restore normal water flow.

Constantly Running System

Sometimes your RO system can stop performing. This happens due to many reasons. One of them is the failure of the automatic shut off valve. Another reason could be poor installation of the membrane. To correct this situation, replace the necessary parts and check the water pressure often.

Faucet Leakage

Leakage in faucet is usually happened by loose fitting of the system parts. The fittings are fastened and the tubing pushed further into the faucet stem to enhance the joint. Sometimes the leakage happens from the faucet stem base and you have to replace the faucet to stop it. The drain line is another cause behind leakage. If the drain is not straight, faucet will remain prone to leakage. This is why experts always try to make the drain lines as short as possible.

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