Rajkot is the tremendously commended capital of the historical Saurashtra, Gujarat. It has constantly had a wonderful past and still is the most celebrated guest spot due to the outstanding stays from the British time frame, furthermore the accommodation of the general population of Rajkot.

To experience the Kathiawari hospitality and warmth of the general population of Rajkot, and to get a gander at a spot which was so basic in the pre-Independence time, one unquestionably needs to visit Rajkot. Explore these fascinating spots inside the city of Rajkot that are till date the most appealing and most well known centres for explorers. Here is a list of the best places that you must visit in Rajkot.

#1. Race Course Grounds

Race Course is a limitless ground arranged in the heart of Rajkot. The spot is ideal for strolls around the morning, furthermore during the evening. The basic attractions in this spot incorporate the Children’s Traffic Park, Baal Bhavan and Fun World. Beside this, it in like manner has sports facilities, like an indoor stadium, hockey ground, a cricket ground, football grounds and a volley ball ground, swimming pool, and so forth, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. It similarly has significant seating arrangement with solid seats introduced on its periphery.

#2. Watson Museum

The Watson Museum and Library recalls the work of Colonel John Watson, political pro from 1886 to 1889. It is a jumbled space of the collection with the third century engravings and a touchy ivory work overseen by a marble statue of Queen Victoria. The Watson Museum has gathering of important objects of pioneer period, humankind’s history and society, and History of Rajkot.

#3. Jetpur

Acclaimed for its shaded and square printed materials, this little town near Junagadh will interest women and originators. Moreover called ‘Mini Dubai’, Jetpur houses diverse yarn coloring, screen and piece printing workshops, which one can visit to watch the strategy of printing articles of clothing.

#4. Ranjit Vilas Palace

The Ranjit Vilas Palace in Wankaner says a considerable measure in regards to the vitality that the Royals of Wankaner had for craftsmanship, engineering and planning. Built in the year 1907 by Maharaja Amarsinghji, the palace is a mix of various building styles and stands radiantly on a slope, sitting over the magnificent town of Wankaner. It showcases delightful Gothic bends, a grandiose clock tower with a Mughal curve, Franco-Italian window sheets, oriental shades and that is only the starting.

#5. Rajkumar College

The incredibly famous Rajkumar College is located in this very city. This college dates back to the nineteenth century, and is seen as one of India’s best private colleges. It was set up by the British for the training of the princes of the then Indian state.

So in the event that you happen to visit Gujarat for reasons unknown, or dwell there, do travel through this delightful, basic, yet great city of Rajkot that is loaded with fascinating bits of knowledge. Till then, have an extraordinary day!