Fashion Styles for Women

Today’s Fashion World is all about trends, a trend that should never go out of style- an evergreen trend. One should be always updated of what is in fashion, what is going out of fashion. It happens sometimes that the old trends get remixed and come up with a new style again. But there are some fashion styles that are evergreen and will always be in trend. So just keep this evergreen fashion clothes in your wardrobe always and don’t worry they won’t get out of fashion ever.

No one loves changing their wardrobe every year or say every season so we have come up with Top 5 Evergreen Fashion Styles for all you ladies. Trends to keep going in and out of vogue and to be honest, it becomes hard for one to keep a track on it, but also there are some trends that come in fashion once and then never go back. Let’s find out few of them for your wardrobe.

Types of Fashion Styles / Fashion Trends 2018

1. Florals

Well, Florals are all time favourite wear and always remains in trend. They never go out of fashion as there are new design and colors coming every time to make it more charming and attractive. The newest fashion trend has put it back in fashion as it can be combined with the various dress.

The floral print trend has always been in a full bloom and you can also wear it in someone’s wedding and be the center of attraction for everyone. You can use floral with a plain skirt and a scarf to add some extra beauty to your swag. Your love for blooming print will reignite with a new approach of a kimono and oversize crochet embroidery.

No matter which era it is, no matter which season it is, florals are always in fashion. Floral can be used for almost all purpose be Kurtis, Tops, anarkalis, or even a lehenga for the same reason. So florals are available even at a fashion store for casuals and a designer studio.

2. Military prints and colour

Well, no one thought that military cargo and army jackets will one day come in our everyday fashion rather say evergreen fashion. Military clothes like jackets and cargo have become a great style and can be seen in everyone’s wardrobe. What? Your wardrobe is still without one. Go grab it soon; it has now been marked as an evergreen style that will never fade away.

Even celebrities are not away with these military prints, be it a military cargo or army jackets, you can find them in this outfit more often. With the combination of right accessories, this is the trend that always works. Tops and t-shirts of military colour is also available both at the local fashion store near your house and the online fashion stores like Koovs, Lime road etc.

3. Shrug

It is considered as one of the most comfortable dress for women that comes with style and put everyone’s eye on you. There are many types of shrug available in the market like classic shrug, lace shrug, slim fit shrug, long sleeves shrug and sleeveless shrug. Because of its light weight and many ways to experiment on it and wear, it always remains in fashion among women. It gives you a casual yet professional look and can be worn with jeans and light colour shirt.

Shrugs go well with the entire outfit which makes it an evergreen fashion for women. It is for those women who wish to stay modern with the newest fashion trends. The trendy shrug you wish to style yourself is generally of top brand which comes at a high price, so you might drop the idea of buying that shrug.

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4. Bell bottomed pants

Bell bottomed pants came in early 70’s and was a great mark of fashion at that time. It is again in fashion now but this time with a more appealing look matching today’s trend. A simple bell bottomed pants or palazzo pants will make you stand out and on top among your friends.

You can also use a belt on your waist with it and try to give a retro look. If you want to become a style icon among your friends then these bell bottomed pants are a must for your wardrobe now. Bell bottomed pants are always about fashion ever since from their existence though there have been a lot of changes in it, in respect of design, colour, trend, fabrics. They are generally available at a local fashion store in your area.

5. Sequin dress

Sequins are considered as the dress of 90’s, well if you also think the same then you must also change the concept about it now. Sequin dresses are back in fashion again and this time with even more glamor and style to compete with today fashion and trend. It always gives an added kick to any of the outfits you wear with.

From the brightest to the most elegant one you can always wear one and be comfortable and confident about your look. No matter if you are going to a class or for a dinner or may be a party, you will find sequin always perfect and most suitable for all the time. So go get one for your wardrobe now as it is one of the most important elements that have to be present there. This should be purchased from a reputed online store or reputed fashion store like Westside pantaloons, shopperstop.