Cocaine Addict Rehabilitation

Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs there is. It gives its users feelings of attention, alertness and lots of energy. It is often referred to as a stimulant drug because of the effects it gives. It is made from a coca plant native to South America. In the United States, the drug is illegal to use. Other names for it are snow, rock, coke, blow and crack. Most cocaine addicts are not able to break their addiction alone. It requires the help of a reputable cocaine rehab center like the one found at To help a loved one suffering from this addiction, learn more about the many cocaine addiction effects and dangers.

What Are The Short-Term Effects Of Using Cocaine

This drug gives users a quick surge of high dopamine levels. Dopamine is our body’s natural chemical messenger. The chemical messengers send information to the section of our brain that controls pleasure. Once the dopamine is sent to the brain, users will get a high that offers lots of energy and alertness. There are many other short-term effects users get such as intense feelings of happiness, sensitivity to sound, touch and sight, irritability, paranoia and a decrease in appetite.

Worse Mid-Term Effects Of Using Cocaine

Most people will quickly start to have strong cravings for cocaine and the high that comes along with it. The more the drug is used, however, the more the brain will begin to adapt to it. This means it will take more and more of the drug to get the same high each time. Along with more use comes serious health problems and side effects. Some of the more serious side effects that can happen are headaches, heart problems, lung damage, mood problems, sexual issues and loss of smell if you snort the drug.

Treatment For Cocaine Addiction

There are many therapy and counseling options to help treat a cocaine addiction. Some addicts might need the help offered from an inpatient rehabilitation center to treat their disease. Trained therapists can work with cocaine-addicted individuals to help them make thought and behavioral changes. During an inpatient rehab stay, patients will first undergo a medical detox. This will help your body adjust to withdrawing from the substance while being monitored by medical professionals. Unfortunately, most rehab facility programs will have to be paid for out-of-pocket. Many insurance companies won’t cover this type of treatment.

Benefits Of Outpatient Treatment

For people whose addiction has not reached a certain level of severity, the option of an outpatient treatment program might be a good option to consider. With outpatient care, individuals will get support and help for their addiction daily through group meetings, counseling sessions and other support methods they agree to. This option does not include detox or medical support of any kind. This might be the only option available to those who cannot afford inpatient treatment or who have a family at home they are not able to be away from for an extended period of time.

Benefits Of Inpatient Treatment

There is an abundance of benefits offered for cocaine addicts who choose an inpatient rehab facility for their treatment. The main benefit to consider is the structure that an inpatient program offers. Patients will have little to no free time which prevents them from overthinking about their addiction or relapsing. Patients are also given support 24/7 while in the program. This is essential in the beginning stages because it is the time period when most relapses occur.

Extra Advantages Of Inpatient Facilities

Most inpatient rehab programs require their patients to stay at the center at all times during their treatment. They will only allow approved outings that are extremely important. If you leave, the outing will have to be supervised. While at the facility, patients will not be able to gain any access to their addictive drug of choice. This benefit alone is what makes inpatient rehab one of the most successful forms of treatment for cocaine addicts. Most addicts go through both physical and mental withdrawal symptoms that can be difficult to get through without help. It some cases, the physical detox can be life-threatening.

While there may be many ways to treat a cocaine addiction problem, it is always best to do so with the help of professionals. If you or someone you love has a severe drug addiction, getting help from an outpatient or inpatient treatment center will offer the best chance of a successful recovery.