Bookshelf Art

Bookshelves have their own importance in our homes as they serve a dual role – store your books and keep them organised while playing a vital role in giving a decorative look to your room. Here are some creative ideas to make your bookshelf fully functional and at the same time add a style statement in your home as well.

Simple is always good
For a picture-perfect look, keep the bookcase clean and well arranged by choosing a tone-on-tone or monochromatic scheme for books. To do something interesting to the way the books are arranged; alternate the order of the books – one stack can be horizontally put up while the other one can be arranged vertically.

Add a touch of décor
To make the bookcase eye-catching, you could use décor like bold colour accessories or photo frames or vases at the bookends to create an effect that stands out. Place these accessories according to their size and shape and also space the items and books sufficiently to avoid a congested look.

Stack them up
For a simple but suave look, turn 4 or 5 books on their side and stack them up. Leave some space around these stacks to put a photo frame or collectible on or around it. You could put a showpiece, medal or any antique piece in between these stacks.

Let the book covers do the talking
Some book covers are too beautiful and appealing to the eyes. As a part of adding an artsy touch to your home, select a book that has a gorgeous book cover and place it in a manner that it’s prominently on. The stunning cover will not only break up the monotony of the book spine but also introduce an artistic statement to the space.

Group them together
Some people like their shelf to look sparse, so you can group together a set of equal-sized books and then separate these with accessories for instance, you can add metallic décor and streamlined vases. Leave some open space around these articles and let them shine through.

Experiment with wallpaper
Worried about the boring dark back of the bookcase or shelf? Don’t worry; we have an amazing solution for that as well. Cut some attractive wallpaper or a decorative gift wrap to cover the back of your book shelf.  Choose a colour and design which goes well with the book placement as well as the colour scheme of the room. If you are someone who likes to experiment with decor and style frequently, then the wallpaper idea is definitely going to work wonders for you.

Splash of colour
Some books have really bright and vibrant colours that are very decorative in itself. So take the full advantage of this and go eclectic with them. Gather books with different colours making a rainbow like combination and break the monotony with a splash of colours.

Add artistic punctuations
To give an organised feel to your shelf, add some colourful round or square pieces between sets of books and mirror it with a collectible of same size and shape on the other side. You could also put a decorative wooden or metal made pen stand in between the sets to punctuate the look.

Colour scheme
Apply the same colour scheme to your book shelve that is on the walls and other articles of the room to give a monochromatic look to the entire space. To make a stark statement you can use contrasting colours.

So there you have it – there are several ways to go ballistic with your bookshelves that too in a very artful manner. You can adopt one of these ideas or experiment with a few to see how it folds out. Plus it will keep you occupied – you will have your own personal project to look forward to when planning to make a decorative statement with your bookshelf.

If you do this, it is best to keep the different assortment of accessories and stationery items you plan to use in separate colour coded tote boxes. This way, you can find things easily as they are kept in an organised manner.