mechanical wooden model kits

Ugears 3D wooden mechanical model kits first came to the USA in 2015. Today, we remain the sole importer of this unique collection of high-quality wooden kits and puzzles. What are ugears kits all about?

These kits appeal offer a sense of nostalgia as you set to recreate, for example, one of the Ugears wooden train models or perhaps a Ugears horse.

Made entirely from wood and aimed at adults who enjoy building models and solving puzzles, these are collectors’ pieces rather than toys, and are built to savour and admire.

The Ugears wooden puzzles for adults are as impressive as they can be frustrating, but once you crack the puzzle you will have a great sense of satisfaction!

The stunning intricate details on these wooden models is beyond belief, and the resulting fully built puzzle will be admired by all who see it. What do we have to offer? A fantastic range that is second to none!

Ugears Vehicles

Among the most popular of all Ugears mechanical models are the vehicles. You can choose from the simply stunning Dream Cabriolet VM-05. This superb-looking, fully-functioning model evokes the era of the American Dream, the 1950’s and rock ‘n’ roll.

With a V8 engine that moves as it should, and a clever rubber band set up for self-motion, this is at once a wonderful model to build and a technical marvel.

Another favourite is the Ugears U-9 Grand Prix Car, an evocation of early 20th century racing cars complete with a fully-functioning V8 motor that is a wonder in itself, and superb detailing that is as perfect as it gets.

All Ugears wooden models have a difficulty rating, and while the Cabriolet above is rated ‘hard’, the Grand Prix Car is an ‘intermediate’ model and should take a model maker just a few satisfying hours to complete.

More Magnificent Ugears Models

The Ugears range is not just about vehicles, as there are some simply sensational models that are unique and innovative. Check out the Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy, a precise replica of an authentic French 16th century musical instrument, replete with sensational detailing to make it something to admire as well as to play!

For of course, as with many Ugears models, the Hurdy-Gurdy actually works! You simply crank the handle and press the wooden buttons, and you even get some music sheets so you can play real tunes.

This hard to intermediate model is recommended for ages 14 years and above, a reminder that Ugears wooden mechanical toys are not just for adults.

Other unique and interesting models include the Ugears Safe, which operates as a genuine safe with intricate locks as a bank safe would have, plus the Ugears Cash Register which is a copy of an art deco early 20th century version, and into which you can put your savings for safe keeping.

The sheer innovation that has been put into these simply amazing 3D wooden models is spellbinding and making one will be the most fun you have in a long time.

As a Gift or for You

Whether you are buying a Ugears train, wooden dice tower or any of the other exciting models for yourself or as a gift, you’ll find they really hit the spot. Few models are as unusual as the Ugears range, and each is exquisitely detailed and serves a function.

It’s often difficult to find a gift for someone the is different and a genuine surprise, but the Ugears range of wooden models and 3D puzzles solves that problem.

There’s such choice here that you can find gifts for men, women and older children too, so check out the Ugears selection now – you will be entranced by what you see!

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