Urinary Catheter

Urinary Catheter is the medical device which helps an individual to urinate. If it is not possible to empty the bladder in a normal way, the person is prescribed this medical device.

It is passed into one’s bladder to simply drain down the urine. The partially flexible and hollow tube collects urine from bladder while leading that to the drainage bag. They may be availed in varied types, sizes and specifications.

When it comes to the material, the urinary device can be made up of plastic, silicone or rubber material. It is needed only when the person is unable to empty the bladder. Emptying the bladder is very necessary as any build up can pressurize the kidney.

If there is pressure on the kidney, there may be kidney failure. This situation is really dangerous as damage to kidneys is permanent.

Urinary Catheter, Blood Urea Nitrogen Test

Catheter is needed when the person is unable to clear the bladder. Indeed, the device is needed only till the point the person is unable to urinate. Once he/she regains the ability, there is no need for this device.

Most of the times, the catheter is needed for a short period of time. The one who got permanent injury or the elder people may need the device on a permanent basis.  The following are the reasons for procuring catheter:

  • when one cannot control urination
  • when one has urinary incontinence
  • when there is any urine retention and the person is unable to urinate

It is better to buy Catheter along with other machines like ECG machine, blood pressure machine, etc, to save money.

The various kinds of Urinary Catheter

The types of catheters are as follows:

  • Indwelling catheter is the first and foremost catheter. It dwells inside the bladder of the person. You may also call it as Foley Catheter. Indwelling catheter is needed for a long period or short period of time
  • External catheter or condom catheter is used externally. This is used on the person who has no problem of urine retention but suffers from mental problem. If there is mental disability or functional disability, external catheter will be needed. Worn on the head of male reproductive organ, it is more comfortable than indwelling catheter
  • Intermittent or short term catheter is needed following a surgery to empty the bladder. After the emptying of bladder, the catheter is removed immediately.

Can there be any complication from urinary catheter?

Complications may result from the use of catheters. There can be urinary tract infection resulting from indwelling cathetersif routine cleaning is not done.The following are the probable symptoms of urinary tract infection:

  • headache and chills
  • fever
  • burning in the genital area
  • cloudy urine
  • blood in urine
  • lower back pain
  • foul smelling urine

If there is any infection in the urinary tract, the doctor may prescribe blood urea nitrogen test. It helps to detect nitrogen in the bloodstream. The test may be combined with other kinds of tests. To prevent any infection of urinary tract, drink plenty of water.

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