Attractive Girl Assets

This is not about what most guys want from girls. For now I have no capacity to conduct such costly and time-consuming survey. Each guy has his own preference of course. And I for one have my own liking too. These are the qualities of girls that I find most attractive:

1. Voice.

I put this top of my list because I really can’t help myself but feel like being melted every time I hear a soulful woman’s voice. It doesn’t have to be a singing type of voice. A soulful voice for me is the one that possesses enough power to make me listen to its every bit of details. The one that makes me feel happy when she’s happy. The one that makes me almost out-of-words when she talks to me… She is well in putting words together. She talks with real passion and story. It is very soothing for me to hear this kind of effortless yet careful voice.

2. Lips.

Together with the soul in her voice, I also find hypnotizing to look at a woman’s lips. Every muscle movement of her lips makes me want to listen more from her talk.

3. Eyes.

This is in compliment with the way she talks. The eyes are the window to our soul. I always look into the eyes to affirm how sincere she is with what she talks about.

4. Body.

Her body language can tell me more than the words coming from her mouth. A woman’s body movement and even gestures give more life to her words. I always look for it. If it compliments with her eyes and lips, then I know she is true to what she says.

5. Hair.

I noticed my attraction gauge back in college. I enjoy the silky strand of a woman’s hair gently brushing on my skin. For me a woman’s hair tells about both the artistic and logic side of her personality. From hair alone, I could see how really smart a woman is.

6. Nails.

No matter how attractive a woman, if she has dirty nails is a turn off for me. If she has no time to clean her nails then I think she doesn’t care much of being clean.

7. Neck.

Neck is another part of a woman that I find hint of how neat she is. I always thought of transforming into a vampire every time I see a woman’s beautiful and clean neck.

8. Butt.

I think this is true that all guys get attracted with a woman’s behind. I have read it in health books that a woman’s butt determines how healthy she is from the inside.

9. Legs.

Women with great legs are really eye-candy.

10. Boobs.

The reason I put this last because this is one thing that I least consider. I don’t prefer the big ones. For me they look bitchy. Oops sorry. I tell you again it is just my personal preference. I respect anyone’s counter comment.