Many things go through a series of trends. You’ll see this with home décor, vehicles, and even website design. If you want your website to look fully up to date, then take the word of this website designer Sarasota Florida and consider updating your site to reflect some of these new “in” web designs. Your customers, readers, and even casual viewers will notice how “with the times” your website is.

Web-based Animations
Animations are great for helping get the point across or to teach someone about your products. People now have shortened attention spans and prefer to watch a short video or view an animation over reading a lengthy document. Many of these new animations are complex, yet remain much easier to put together than a video. Plus, you won’t have to be on camera. Look at it this way – Facebook has added GIFS to their site. This is a sign that they are what’s extremely trendy.

Color Choices Have Become Adventurous
This website designer Sarasota Florida can tell you a thing or two about colors. In the past, many websites consisted of a simple white background with black text and some simple accents. That’s changed quite a bit. Extremely adventurous colors are now in. You’ll see bold choices across the web. This trend takes its cues from social media, where you’ll see plenty of colorful fonts, designs, and accents. Even better, these details can be completely customized for your site. You’ll have something quite unique that will help your site stand out from the crowd.

Typography Has Moved Away From The Basics
For many years, the website seemed mired in standard typefaces. People didn’t want to venture beyond the simple Times New Roman and Arial. While these two fonts remain classics, tastes have evolved to include things like Helvetica and other serif-based fonts. Serif fonts are easier to read, although they don’t look at modern as the sans serif versions. In order for your site to look as up to date as possible, consider using one of these new “hot” fonts. Also, now is the time to update your logo.

Telling Stories Through Data
Data storytelling is a newer concept that many people have embraced. This fits in with web-based animations quite well. However, instead of teaching someone with an animation, these data tales present information in an entirely new way. They’re very good for writers who want people to read their books or other documents. Although you don’t need to be a writer to take advantage of this trend, you should consider hiring one for a certain period of time – at least until your company’s story is told.

Asymmetrical Designs
People naturally gravitate towards symmetry. It’s pleasing to the eye. However, in order to be completely modern, you need to move towards asymmetry. Your website’s design needs to contain some asymmetrical elements in order for it to fit in with your competitors. Look into moving around the elements on your homepage until they look just right, and don’t worry about everything matching up on one side or another.