Embrace e Signatures

In today’s digital world, customers expect everything to be digitized and they want everything to work smoothly.

However, organizations tend to overlook advanced technology that makes our day-to-day work easier, of this, e Signatures are viable to reduce costs, improve productivity, mitigate risks and support digital transformation.

If you are overlooking it, you may be missing huge opportunities.

Research states that with e Signatures, enterprises can

  • Minimize sales cycles from days to hours
  • Cut paper costs by 30%
  • Improve hiring and onboarding process – with 80% less time to process new hires

The following are some reasons why eSignatures are important for organization’s digital transformation.

Improve Sales

eSignatures enables businesses to get agreements signed 21 time faster than paper. A study from Aberdeen Group revealed that eSignature cuts the sales cycle time by 8 times.

Streamline Operations

Paper costs you more; it complicates processes across the entire organization. With electronic signatures, you can automate critical aspects of your business workflows from sales to on boarding new employees.

eSignature deliver much smoother, faster and more digitized experience for employees, partners, customers or anyone.

Improve Productivity

By improving sales and simplifying operations, electronic signatures can significantly improve productivity.

Forrester study revealed that an organization would save 49,000 hours over a three-year period and save 2.5 hours per new hire by signing on-boarding documents online.

Overcome Risk

A good eSignature solution such as SutiSign complies with critical standards for data protection, security and compliance. eSignature solutions allows you to have a complete audit trail backed by secure processes and trusted service providers.

With digital signatures, every signature is encrypted and backed by secure processes with an audit trail.

Modernize Workflows

With electronic signatures, employees can work with web and mobile applications and choosing a solution that can integrate with everyday applications such Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and more can help complete your task easily.

SutiSign can be integrated with third-party applications and can typically be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Transform your Culture

Today, employees expect digitized experience in every way, making things work faster and easier. As digital natives take on larger roles, organizations must transform, otherwise will fall behind the curve.

Embrace the Future

The need for digital transformation is influencing every business leader today. It is obvious that consumers expect the signing process to be easier; so why to wait when eSignatures are easy to deploy and implement. Embrace the technology and make everything work the way that people want.


If you are thinking digital transformation is the future, it’s not the case. Look at every industry and you will understand how digitally transformed businesses are disrupting business practices.

With electronic signatures, organizations can embrace the best practices – without having to undergo complete digital transformation. SutiSign makes the electronic signing process simple, safe and secure.

How can eSignature Benefit Businesses?

The benefits of electronic signature are countless; of which some of them are listed below:

Avoiding Messy Paperwork

It’s no fun dealing with extensive amount of paperwork on a daily basis. You will have to spend a lot of time and energy managing paper and it will consume more storage space all away. If you have to refer to a document, you will have to go through piles of papers to access the document.

With eSignature solution, documents can remain in digital form throughout the lifespan and can be easily signed and stored online. You will don’t have to deal with hard copies of the documents, which means no messy paperwork.

Security and Safety

Paper documents are not safe and secure. They are prone to stolen, misplaced, tampered with and other threats. eSignatures offer greater security and safety for the documents.

The solution comes with strong security protocols to send, receive and store electronic documents. eSignatures don’t just facilitate signing process but also features complete audit trail that records everything related to signing transactions to ensure credibility.

Signing is Easy

If you have a team working remotely or have clients who belong to different corners of the world, then you need collaboration between all the parties at times.

eSignatures make signing easy and for those sitting across the world, you can get documents signed by them in minutes.

Author Bio:

Kevin Peterson is a content marketing enthusiast, freelance writer at SutiSoft, specializing in Business, ERP, Technology and Cloud/SaaS trends.