As a cancer patient, you will have countless sessions with different oncologists such as medical, radiation, gynecology, surgical, hematology, and pediatric oncologists, each subspecialized in a specific cancer-related field. For instance, a surgical oncologist majorly focuses on examining and performing surgeries to eliminate the tumor. Here we have analyzed three reasons why you need to visit an oncologist.

Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment is carried out depending on the tumor size, stages, location, and lymph node. When detected early, an oncologist will perform radiation therapies to weaken the cells or remove the tissue through surgery. Similarly, advanced stages require chemotherapy. Moreover, most patients undergo surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy simultaneously during the treatment and recovering process.

Symptoms and Pain Management

Most cancer patients think that once the surgeon gets rid of cancerous cells, they are okay and do not need to revisit the hospital. After treatment, microscopic cells might move through the bloodstream to other body organs, causing a recurrence, pain, or side effects such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and weight, or depression and anxiety. It is vital to visit an oncologist who will offer you a comprehensive plan of managing the pain and controlling the side effects.

To Receive Moral Support

Most patients take cancer news negatively. An oncologist has the skills and knowledge to break the news to cancer patients and offer them the moral and medical support they need. Aside from providing treatment plans, they encourage patients to accept their situation and take positive long-term survival measures.

Oncologists are experts in handling cancer treatments. They put more effort into ensuring all cancer patients, regardless of the type, got the help they deserve. Oncologist Orange County works with experts who not only treat cancer patients but offer them the moral support they need.

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