spy on phone

Do you look at the text messages on your spouse’s phone? Do you ever wonder if you should read their text messages? If yes, would your partner be okay with you reading their text messages?

A survey study found that two-thirds of participants confessed to looking through their spouse’s private messages secretly. In other words, they had checked their partner’s phone or social networking sites without that person’s consent.

The issue that comes with spying on your partner’s text messages is that you may find content, however ambiguous, that causes you to feel jealous. This jealousy can be in any form,such as thoughts, emotions, or behavior. Whatever form it takes, the basic function of jealousy is protecting our loved ones from people who may be attempting to take them from us.

Now the question arises here: what type of information found on a spouse’s phone can cause us to feel jealous? Generally, men become jealous of sexual cheating; however, women become more jealous of emotional cheating. Given that so many people want to spy on their other half’s phone, the fact is men and women respond contrarily to different types of messages. According to a research study, conducted by Dunn and Mclean in 2015, revealed that the total number of fixations was greater for women as compared to their male counterparts who viewed the emotional messages. For the sexual message, the opposite pattern was observed.

Why do people feel the need to spy on their partner’s text messages?

The bad news: A 2013 survey conducted by Waterlow, a mobile phone insurance website, of almost 2,400 respondents in the United Kingdom who had discovered the infidelity of their spouse, or who had been disloyal themselves, found that in 41% of cases the disloyal behavior had come to light through proofexposed on a mobile phone. The second most likely way (23 percent) in which cheating was discovered was via a social networking site.

Just like cyberbullying, phishing, and cyber theft are the digital threats of the virtual world, so is the affluence with which you can cheat on your partner. With a wider, globalized virtual arena available for all, the chances of having an affair are quite high. Worse still is the fact that it can be effectively hidden from the unsuspecting spouse. In light of these facts, you have to be vigilant.

In the unlucky event that you have strong doubt about your partner’s text messages, you need to take certain measures to make sure you are not being cheated.Nothing hurts more than realizing the love of your life, gradually becomes a stranger having all those hidden what-not’s. But like all problems, there is one great solution and in this case, the best app to spy on text messages!

Spouse monitoring apps can tell you where your partner is and allows you to read all sent/received messages. Not only text messages, but it also gives the user complete access to Facebook and other social media messages, too.  A text message spying app can also track the real-time location of the monitored person using GPS technology.

You can use a text message spying app to save your relationship or find out if you are being cheated.Discovering a partner’s infidelity is easier than ever before. Text messages and social media chats can lead you to an electronic affair trail. Believe it or not, you may find yourself doubting your partner’s loyalty in a relationship. Snooping won’t solve your relationship problems, says Mary Lamia, a clinical psychologist: “You do not want to live your life having to snoop to feel safe or loved.”

Sometimes, you might want to spy on your partner’s text messages because your needs are unmet by your spouse.Or they are trying to make sense of disconnection or rejection. Spying can be a subconscious delay tactic, too. You might want to read your partner’s messages when you aren’t fully ready to confront them with a legitimate discussion.

Another reason you may want to spy on your partner’s text messages is if you were lied to or cheatedon in the past. For this reason, you may act oversensitive to your spouse’s actions, gestures, and communication patterns. However, overthinking a current relationship based on your past experiences is just a way your brain tries to send you an alert signal. It doesn’t mean your partner is trying to cheat you. So, it is better to take stock of your feelings and check if they resonate with what you are experiencing right now. Is it cheating or your spouse is truly having a busy work week?

Talk to your partner about what you feel

Whether your spouse is acting shady or you are reading way too far into things, the suggestion remains the same: You must have an open conversation with your partner instead of spying on them. Only snooping on their text messages isn’t going to work, so it is better to express your worries and concerns to them. Their ability to have a conversation about your anxieties will tell you more about their capacity to be a good spouse.

Start by saying, “For some reason, I doubt your fidelity, and I would like to talk about it.” Express your feeling by telling them what you feel and why you think you feel it. Having an open conversation will make your bond stronger with your other half.

Bottom Line

Based on your partner’s response (defensive or denial), you can decide if this is a person to be a trustworthy partner to you.

The right partner for you will discuss your worries openly, and help you to feel safer and more secure in the relationship.