5 Ways To Write Comparative Essay

As the name indicates, the comparative essay is about drawing the similarities and differences of the two concepts or things. It usually starts with the general introduction of two concepts and then conclusion at the end. The guide to write a comparative essay is presented in this article as follows.

Carefully Read and Understand The Given Topic of Comparative Essay

Give time to the given topic, read it carefully and understand the topic. Once you have carefully understood the question than start writing introduction of the topic. The introduction should explain the two concepts under discussion. Always move from general to specific discussion while writing a comparative essay. Write down the similarities, dissimilarities and your conclusion statement which you are going to support in the rest of the essay.

Quote Relevant illustrations

Always writes paragraphs in transitional manner, all paragraphs should be related to each other and look coherent. Then try to quote relevant examples which will give a nice impression to the reader and it is also the requirement of the comparative essays. You are going to support the one concept and your quoted examples should look related to your point. It will make sense and develops interest in readers. Make sure you have quoted the right examples.

Detailed Comparison of Two Concepts

At this point you are going to write the detailed similarities and dissimilarities of the two concepts of the essay topic. Always start with similarities and then dissimilarities in detail. List down the things in a transitional manner and avoid listing similarities and differences in a random way, it will make readers disinterested in reading full essay.

Evaluate Your Point of View

Once you have explained the similarities and differences of the concepts, now is the time to write your points. You are going to support the one concept and your discussion should be presented in a way to impress the readers that your ideas are justified. You can write examples and quotations to make your essay well versed. It will also help the readers to understand your viewpoint. So, adding quotations and examples is a plus point to make your comparative essay interesting.

Draw The Conclusion

Conclusion is going to summarize your comparative essay and it should be written in an evaluative format. Conclusion paragraph is the most important paragraph of your essay after the introduction and it must be written in a coherent way. This paragraph should be written in a clear manner; it should be free from speculations and assumptions and must support your viewpoints by highlighting relevant examples.

This is the right guide to write a comparative essay. All the steps should be followed and written in a transitional manner. Take your time and clearly understand the topic before writing. Take proper care of grammar and sentence structure, and re-read your essay to rectify errors if any. Make sure your essay is free from common errors and you have quoted the right examples which support your views.

This article has been written by Tania Malkova. She is an English Teacher at community college. Writing is her hobby and she Online Dissertation Help UK writes on topics related to education.