Wall Tile

Choosing the right Wall Tile is more complicated than you may imagine. They may look the same, but each has its unique qualities and drawbacks.

The number of choices in the market today can only make this job more confusing. So how do we find the Right Tile?

To know that, we must first look at the wall tiles types available today. You can choose from manufactured materials like porcelain, glass and cement or opt for natural stones like granite, travertine, slate and marble.

What makes a tile also gives it its unique properties that will eventually decide who will use it.

6 Ways To Choose The Right Wall Tile

So, before you go sorting through the tile shops, here are our tips on how to select the right tile:

#1. Function

Where and for what you use, your Wall Tiles Manufacturers will influence your choice. Some tiles are better at absorbing spillage, while some are better at weathering tough outdoor conditions.

These abilities are important when selecting tiles for the patio instead of those for, say, your kitchen.

#2. Grading

When selecting a ceramic tile, you can also follow the PEI scale, a rating system that grades tiles according to their resistance to abrasions. Although such a requirement is less important in wall tiles, it can give you a good idea about the tile’s durability.

#3. Size

Tiles do not come in the same size. They may not even have a uniform size on a single wall! The trend has been towards a slightly larger size because larger tiles give an illusion of space.

But do not let that stop you from experimenting. For example, another interesting trend today is to use different sizes to create interesting shapes and patterns.

#4. Colour

Given the abundance of choices today, finding the right colour should not be difficult. But, by and large, there are only a few principles you must keep in mind: light colours make a room appear larger, while darker colours give a cosier feel.

Lighter colours are also likely to go with a wide range of colours in accessories and furnishings.

The other important aspect here is the nature of tiles. Manufactured tiles offer a wide range of colours, even made according to order. But colour selection in natural tiles is more limited. Therefore, Wall Tiles are a very important section of Home Decoration.

Always check more than one tile in natural tile samples because natural tiles always show slight colour variation.

#5. Style

Usually, this is where we decide on which tile we want. The style you are aiming for is a deciding factor in tile selection. For example, a modern room will go better with modern tiles with a contemporary design.

There is a wide range of designer and textured tiles among manufactured tiles. Natural stone will go better with a more rustic or classical look.

#6. Budget

Natural tiles are usually the more expensive option (some artificial designer tiles are often even more expensive). However, with proper care, they can last you a lifetime.

However, the quality of artificial tiles has also improved significantly, and many have long durability. They are also easy to maintain and clean.

In short, your choice of wall tiles must take into account several factors from your budget, style, preference to its eventual function.

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