How Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgery Increases Cup Size

Transform Your Bust Line for a More Attractive, Tailored Look with Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgery.

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Learn About Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgery, a Master Class in Natural Enhancement, to Get a Fuller Cup Size and More Attractive, Lifelike Results.

Is this you? You’d like to consider augmenting your breasts but loathe the idea of some alien substance like silicone invading your body, wondering whether it will migrate, ripple, or even rupture.

Now, there’s an alternative solution, and it’s already within your body. Officially, its called autologous fat transfer, but it’s known to patients as body fat transfer or liposuction transfer.

What is body fat transfer?

If you want a bigger cup size but don’t want implants, fat transfer breast augmentation surgery is a natural alternative. The Grace of Your Own Body Fat Revealed.

Body fat transfer is a two-step process. Step one is a careful selection of the area in your body that your doctor will harvest excess fat from.

For example, that little pooch on your stomach or perhaps your buttocks that are a bit larger than you’d like.

Increase in Cup Size

Once the appropriate body fat area has been selected, the next step is to talk about your desired increase in cup size. Body fat transfer is not appropriate for a woman who desires to jump two cup sizes, for example.

If that’s your intended goal, your plastic surgeon will recommend implants. A typical cup-sized implant is about 300 milliliters in size. With modern fat transfer, your doctor can insert about 240 milliliters of fat from other parts of your body.

Why opt for fat transfer augmentation?

Gain Self-Assurance with Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation: A Risk-Free Way to Get a Fuller Bust. Discover the peak of tailored improvement.

Augmentation via body fat offers many advantages over breast implants. Some of those advantages are:

#1. No scarring

The first advantage, and I dare say the number one reason women opt for augmentation via fat transfer, is no scarring.

Even the most talented plastic surgeon leaves a telltale surgical scar when inserting implants—scars that are often painful and may require up to two weeks or more of lost downtime at work.

#2. Implants rupturing

The second and perhaps most compelling reason to choose fat transfer augmentation is the risk of an implant breaking, and here you should brace yourself with a little dose of truth.

Getting a breast implant is a little like riding a motorcycle without a helmet. It’s not if a disaster will strike, but when.

Tests performed by the FDA reveal that the average woman with implants will have at least one of their implants leak or rupture within the first 11 years.

And every year the implant continues to reside in your body, the risk of a leak or rupture continues. So before you elect to get an implant, be sure and ask your plastic surgeon about the risks of implant ruptures.

Some Downsides to Breast Implants

When an implant leaks or ruptures, it requires a skilled plastic surgeon to go back into the breast and repair the damage. And often times, the cost of do-overs is more than the initial surgery.

#1. Shifting or rippling

Another unfortunate side effect of implants is shifting or rippling. One implant may shift dramatically to the left or right, making the breast look deformed.

Or worse, you have a case of rippling, and your breast looks more like a golf ball than a beautiful, touchable reality.

#2. Painful breasts or lost sensation

Also, a significantly high percentage of women report pain in their breasts for weeks or even months after getting breast implants.

Worse, however, are the women who lose some, or even nearly all, pleasurable sensations in their breasts. A very high percentage of these women regret ever considering augmentation in the first place.

#3. Other side-effects of implants

There are other risks to getting an implant as well. There are certain rare cancers that are more difficult to screen for if you have implants, and some health officials believe that women who have implants are also at risk overall for certain types of breast cancer.

Back to Liposuction and Breast Augmentation

As mentioned earlier, there are limits to the amount of fat that can safely be injected into your breasts to achieve augmentation. However, that is less of a disadvantage than you might think.

Have you ever seen a Hollywood movie where the star, who is skinny as a rail, suddenly shows up with larger breasts than you are accustomed to seeing?

Push-up bras do contribute to the effect, but the effect is mostly achieved through strategic makeup in the cleavage area. Time and time again, Hollywood has proven that it’s not the cup size but the cleavage that really counts.

So consider this: the huge advantage of fat transfer augmentation over implants is that your plastic surgeon has much more control over the shape and contours of the breast. Therefore, a little goes a long way.

Summing it up

There are two methods of augmentation of the breast: having implants surgically implanted or having your natural fat stores transplanted. With fat transfer, there is no scarring and, in fact, no surgery at all.

The downtime is much less, the risks of sensitive loss are almost reduced to nil, and the anxiety four, eight, or ten years down the road that one of your implants will leak or burst? Virtually forgotten.

Of course, any plastic surgery can be risky, so you want a plastic surgeon with excellent medical credentials to guide you all the way from the initial consultation through the post-procedure.

Doctor’s Plastic Surgery

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