How to Enjoy with Care Using This Anal Toy Safety Guide

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Sex is one of those topics that can get a bit polarizing. On the one hand, there are a lot of people who are borderline afraid of talking about it. It can be due to personal beliefs, upbringing or religion, as they need to follow such rules and regulations.

In many countries, tradition dictates that sex is taboo and should only be discussed by adults. However, times are now changing and more people are willing to explore their sexuality especially women and the LGBT+ community as this article says.

With that being said, there are a lot of sex acts that people want to experiment with. It can be done with themselves or with a partner. There are even cases that it can be done with a group. Whatever the case, these acts are still rather controversial even with the most open-minded people.

You might think that it is acceptable for everyone, but they all have varying beliefs about it. One great example of this is anal play and has been a mainstay in a lot of sexual discussions.

Experimenting Done Right

Anal play is basically what its name is all about. You stick something up that black hole and find pleasure in it. This might sound weird or disgusting, but many people do find it enjoyable when this hole is being played.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not just gay men who enjoy this kind of sexual interaction. Women may also like being anally penetrated. Some straight men also like theirs eaten out. There is nothing wrong with experimentation. You might know something about yourself that you didn’t for a long time.

However, it is not like oral or vaginal sex that can just happen anytime. With this one, you need to prepare a way before doing anything. It is also important to choose the right toy as this can make or break the experience.

Many sites sell them now, but not a lot of people know how to use them properly. Check out sites like this: for instance. Also, here are some ways to maximize pleasure during steamy nights:

Time to Play Responsibly

#1. Clean yourself thoroughly

Before playing, it is important to be hygienic. After all, you cannot deny that this is the area where our waste goes out. To make sure that there will be no accidents, plan everything.

Avoid any kind of meals a few hours before the event, sticking only to water when necessary. Take this opportunity to remove wastes from your stomach through natural means. A colon cleansing medication or operation can work, but that takes too much time and money.

#2. Use toys that are made specifically for anal play.

This is important as there are a lot of sex toys in the market these days. It can be quite confusing for the uninitiated because you might get the wrong thing. To be sure, choose a toy that is specifically used for anal play. For example, you might be familiar with dildos.

To choose one that is specific for this, pick something that has some sort of stopper at the base. It is usually a spherical part or looks like a fake pair of testicles. This will make you avoid any kind of accidents like a toy getting stuck in your hole.

#3. Do it with a partner

For a much safer and enjoyable experience, try to do it with a partner. Preferably, they should have some experience with anal penetration so that they already know what to do. This is especially true if you still lack some experience in this department.

Besides, don’t feel ashamed that you do not know anything but still want to try. As long as you are well-prepared, you can do anything that you want. On the other hand, don’t feel pressured to find someone. You can still enjoy your hole even if you are alone. A good toy will always do the trick.

#4. Lots of Lube

Another thing that you should remember is to use a lot of lube. It is not going to be a comfortable experience if you do not have anything to let the toy go in. Take note, this is not like your mouth or vagina which has natural lubrication.

It is also so much better to use water-based lube as this has fewer chances of irritating your anal canal. If you think that it is already enough, then add more. There is no such thing as too much lube for this act.

#5. Relax and have fun

One thing is for sure: even if you will do everything stated above, you will never enjoy it if you don’t relax. Our anuses are specifically designed to keep and force something out. Once something enters, we will automatically clench and close it down.

This is going be a painful experience if you force it, and this can damage the inner wall of your anus. Remember, this is rather sensitive. Take your time, and you will end up enjoying it.

As with any kind of sexual experience, it is important to be ready physically, emotionally and psychologically. Even if you are just going to masturbate in your room, you still need to like it before doing anything. Anal penetration is not something that anyone can just start with.

You need to have time and some resources as well. Although you can use your finger, it is still so much better to have an actual toy. It is safer and can avoid any kind of complications later on.

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