MilesWeb Hosting Review

Building a website and making it live is where the designer puts his heart and soul. It is quite necessary for the website owner to receive the returns in order to maintain his business.

When deciding to make a website live on the internet, here the web hosting service comes into demand. For those who are not aware, web hosting is the service that lets organizations or the individuals host their website or webpage for being on the internet.

The search appears candid so far, but many fraudulent services already exist in the market, thus, the task becomes tough and one has to be careful while picking the right hosting server.

To accomplish this requirement, MilesWeb is a well-known hosting service provider with server’s locations in India, UK, US and Romania. Being socially prominent amongst the web hosting services, it offers the best VPS hosting, Shared hosting, Reseller and Dedicated Server hosting.

MilesWeb Hosting guarantees a variety of excellent services to the client, where it becomes completely stress-free to get a website live.

Excellent Service with Outstanding Support

24*7*365 available expert support team via live chat, phone, e-mail and Helpdesk of MilesWeb is exceptional. You can select for any number of shared, VPS or any other services, with a hassle-free experience. This is goodwill for the one who wishes to give more dedicated time for their work rather than dealing with customer support.

Allows to Host numbers of Domains

This is one of the exceptional benefits of MilesWeb, over any other hosting service provider. Remember the time when you have asked your hosting provider to migrate or enhance a number of domains and the cold reply that you received from the other end?

This will be record-breaking, if one uses MilesWeb which allows you to have numbers of domain migrations within the blink of an eye. This type of web hosting provider is just like a blessing in this voracious market that just knows to pickpocket your money.

Lucrative Pricing

MilesWeb is amongst those services in the lists that offer the most attractive services at a very affordable cost. The survey shows that the MilesWeb is comparatively cheaper than 99% of the hosting services present in the market today.

Here is a brief pricing about the MilesWeb Hosting:

  • Web Hosting – Starts at Rs 99/month.
  • VPS Hosting – Starts at Rs 667.50/month.
  • Reseller Hosting – Starts at Rs 290/month.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting– Starts @ Rs 319.20/month.

Provides 99.95% Uptime

Uptime is one of the most important features and part of any business. No matter how amazing your website is, how enthusiastic people are working on it, if the uptime of the server is low, your business won’t be profitable.

Uptime is the time when a domain runs error-free and MilesWeb with 99.95% uptime assures that your website is live all the time.

Hassle-free Upgrades

It is quite obvious that over a period of time with the business growth, the products you offer also get upgraded and this is where an ever-increasing requirement of upgradation takes place.

MilesWeb proves it by providing a number of services starting from basic web hosting service to the dedicated full-fledged hosting option.

Just name the type of service to upgrade and there you go, it’s done hassle-free in minimal time. It’s a feature that is offered very rare in the market.

Most Recommended

MilesWeb has been awarded as a Best Web Hosting Service Provider by the Global Web hosting Community and experts review site like

Apart from this verdict, the Google, Facebook and many other world-famous brands have given a 5-star rating to MilesWeb. With numerous features on the cover, MilesWeb proves to be an ultimate choice.

Now, there is no doubt that the MilesWeb is one of the best web host that offers powerful Web hosting plans/packages to host any kind of a Website, with 24*7*365 customer support.

So, you can manage your business without any worries. What are you waiting for then? Raise your hosting requirement with MilesWeb today and display your business to the world! 

Article by – Shweta. S : I am a professional working in a web hosting business and I wanted to share my views on Cloud Hosting. If you are interested in knowing more about hosting then visit: Unlimited Reseller Hosting with Whmcs.

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