House Painter

A new coat of paint can transform your home’s interior or exterior. Some people opt to do the painting themselves, but the results may not be appealing.

So, it’s best to look for a professional to perform the task. They’ll guide you on the best paint and the one that lasts longer without peeling or fading.

What to Look for Before Hiring a Painter

#1. Experience

Please do your research and settle for experienced painters who have proven track records. A good painting is not just applying color to your house: it requires exceptional skills to get a long-lasting and beautiful home.

Therefore, a good painter will ensure every defect is taken care of before painting the house. House painters Portland-based have the necessary painting expertise.

#2. Versatile

A good painter should be able to handle paint-related tasks such as plastering, siding repairs, and surface preparation. They should also know how to use different brushes, rollers, and spray guns.

#3. Reputation

Painters with a good reputation have positive reviews on their websites and from the public. Ask your painter for at least three references. Contact them and ask them about the artistry of the said painter before proceeding on.

#4. Honest

At times, the client may require specific techniques beyond the painter’s expertise. A reputable painter should be honest and refer another person to undertake the task.

#5. Embraces Technology

Technology is bound to change. A good painter should stay up to date with the latest technologies and new products in their field. It may be hard to learn about new technology as it occurs, but one must strive to know the latest trends.

#6. Ready for Corrections

Good painters should own their mistakes and rectify them without arguments. They, too, can make mistakes in some areas.

#7. Detail Oriented

The main aim of painting a house is for beautification. Hence, good painters should pay attention to every detail in the house. They should ensure the windows and door edges are appropriately painted and any other areas.

#8. Punctuality

Before embarking on painting work, you should have a contract stating the project’s commencement and end.

A good painter will always report before or on time to complete the work on the stated date. Someone who misses reporting or who’s always late may inconvenience the homeowner.

#9. Good Communicator and Listener

No matter the expertise of a painter, the client’s views should be respected. They should allow the homeowner to talk first and give suggestions later.

But, the client will have the final say. Good communication is essential for the smooth running of the project.

#10. Reasonable Pricing

It is better to do due diligence and compare the prices of various painters. Quality work attracts higher pay, but the painter shouldn’t go beyond market price. If a painter is charging too low, the results may not be the best.

Finding a good painter is a hectic task if it’s your first time hiring. Take your time and research for a person who will deliver the best results.

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