Amazon Pay Balance

Ever since demonetization, wallets have been of a great use. Now you can carry money with you all the time without worrying at all. You can shop online or offline using these wallets. One such wallet is introduced by Amazon, Amazon Pay. With Amazon pay, you can pay bills, recharge or shop on Amazon cashless.

Amazon Pay is the ultimate solution to all your money carrying problems. There is no fear of theft or losing your money. Just top up your Amazon Pay account and you are ready to shop, pay bills or watch movies etc. by just using Amazon Coupons on Amazon Pay Balance.

Is Amazon Pay Balance worth it

We all know that there are many wallets out there, so how we decide that which of them if really good. The only parameters that decide the value of a Wallet are the security and offers. When it comes to security, Amazon has spent years to build its name and trust all over the world. So there is no issue of safety and one can be sure that their credentials are safe with Amazon. Second, offers is the main USP of Amazon Pay Balance. Amazon gives you offers on various platforms including their own so that you don’t have to think twice about your choice of payment mode.

Offers on Amazon Pay Balance

#1. Cashback on adding money to Amazon Pay Balance

The latest and one of the best offer for Amazon Pay balance is that if you add a certain amount of money in your Amazon Pay balance, then you will receive a cashback in your Amazon Pay Balance. In this offer, customers can get a cashback of 10% on the addition of RS. 100 in their Amazon Pay Balance. The maximum cashback is of up to RS. 100 on a minimum addition of RS. 100 in the Amazon Pay Balance. This offer is only applicable for first time addition of money in the Amazon Pay Balance. It is valid from 1st  of June to 21st of June. Use Amazon India coupons to avail the discount.

#2. Cashback for prime customers

Amazon takes good care for its loyal customers and provide them with great deals. Amazon has declared a special offer for all its Prime members on shopping on Amazon using Amazon Pay Balance. If you are a Prime customer, then on a minimum purchase of RS. 250 you can get a cashback of up to 20% by paying through the Amazon Pay balance. The maximum amount of cashback is RS.300. This offer is applicable for all the transactions done on the Amazon Global Store.

#3. Amazon Payback Points offer

This offer will just make you’re your day and excite you to shop more and more. in this offer, if you shop for RS. 1500 to RS. 2999, you will get 100 points as Amazon Pay Back points which can be later redeemed for paying on Amazon or paying bills etc.

The more you will shop, the more points you will get:

  • 100 points for transaction between RS. 1500 and RS. 2999
  • 300 points for transaction between RS. 3000 and RS. 4999
  • 600 points for transaction between RS. 5000 and above

#4. Great Indian Festival Sale Offers

Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale is one of the biggest sale that Amazon conducts in India. All the products are at an unbelievable price in this sale. And to add to it, Amazon is giving you great cashbacks on paying through Amazon Pay Balance. During the sale, if you pay through Amazon Pay Balance, you can get cashback of up to 10%. The minimum amount of transaction should be RS. 200 and the maximum cashback is of RS. 200.

#5. Book My Show offer on Amazon Pay Balance

Who doesn’t like to watch movie but the worst thing about that is the long queues of box office. It takes so much time to get a ticket that you are already tired before the movie starts. But with Book My Show, book your tickets before hand from your home only. And to even better this experience, pay on Book My Show using Amazon Pay Balance and get Amazon offers using Amazon India Coupons. You can get a cashback of 50% on paying through Amazon Pay Balance on Book My show. The only condition is that it should be your first ticket booking of that respective movie and the maximum cashback is of RS.100. And the best part is that you can avail this offer on the purchase of a single ticket also.

#6. Amazon Pay Balance offer on Swiggy

We all have a soft corner for delicious foods and can go to any limit to get it. But the main problem we face during online ordering is that the minimum amount for delivery is way higher than what you want and that really turns it off. But with Swiggy, order for yourself and they will deliver it to you no matter the quantity. Amazon has tied up with Swiggy to give their customers greater happiness. By paying through Amazon Pay Balance on Swiggy, you can get a cashback of 30% up to RS. 150. The minimum amount of transaction should be RS. 100.

#7. VISA Card Offers on Amazon Pay Balance

Amazon does not leave any category of their customers unhappy. For the VISA card holders Amazon has multiple offers to celebrate shopping

  • While shopping on Amazon, if you pay using your VISA debit or credit card, you are entitled to a cashback of 10% up to RS.100. this offer is only applicable for first two transactions using Amazon website or app. The cashback will be generated in 10 days of order placement and is applicable from 5th of June to 30th Of June.
  • For those who don’t feel it safe giving there card details while shopping, they can avail a cashback of RS. 50 on swiping their VISA card while paying for Amazon order on cash on delivery. This offer is applicable only on first cashless payment on This offer is applicable from 1st of June to 30th of June.

#8. 25% cashback on mobile recharges

One of the best use of wallets is to recharge your mobile, and on Amazon Pay Balance, you get amazing offers on Mobile recharges. You gen get a cashback of 25% up to RS.20 on recharging your mobile through Amazon Pay Balance. This offer is applicable for both new as well as existing customers and is applicable during the month of June.

At the end, all we can say is that there are many reasons why Amazon should be your on the go mode of payment over various platforms. So enjoy shopping with Amazon Pay Balance.