Different Types of Wall Tiles

Just like you give yourself a new look by sporting a trendy haircut or making changes to your dressing, your walls also deserve to be styled. If your walls have become colorless and lifeless or damaged in certain areas, it’s time to give them a new look altogether.

Gone are those days when renovating rooms would generally mean getting coloured all over. But with growing modernization and successful mix and match experiments of interior designers, wall tiles of different types have seen the day.

In kitchens and bathrooms and certain sections of the walls, it looks undoubtedly chic if you impose wall tiles for a horizontal stretch with a particular pattern or design. Also, it makes the room appear bigger and brighter.

6 Different Types of Wall Tiles

So if you have already decided to try out the different wall tiles for your domestic or commercial space, get in touch with one of the leading wall tiles manufacturers who will help you choose the type best suited to your requirement and also guide you on the color and design that will match with the rest of your interiors.

It is essential to keep in mind the physical properties that the tiles will serve to ensure they last long. Moreover, the tiles well suited to bathrooms and the kitchen are not used in the living or dining room.

Enhancing the room’s brightness is essential, along with selecting the type of wall tiles. The leading wall tiles manufacturer plays an integral part in ensuring you the quality of the product and the necessary tips to maintain them.

#1. Ceramic Tiles

The well-known ceramic tiles are prepared from clay and silica. They are suitable everywhere – living room, bathroom and kitchen walls or commercial space. Ceramic tiles can be classified into two categories – glazed and unglazed.

#2. Glazed

These have an additional coating of glass on the carved-out tiles, which adds to the shine.

#3. Unglazed

Generally, these come in monochromes and are suitable for indoor usage. However, these do not stain resistant. So it is advisable not to use them for your kitchen area, which is prone to oil and grease.

#4. Digital Wall Tiles

They are ceramic tiles with an added digital print or image on them. You may ask your Wall tiles manufacturer to create some HD or 3D paintings on each wall tile, or you may design your wall with a beautiful scenic landscape or marine waters by assembling them.

#5. Glass Wall Tiles

A glass coating is used here, pigmented with several colors and carved out into smaller pieces. It is up to your manufacturer and you to decide whether you want the glass coating on either the sides of the tile or any one side.

#6. Porcelain Wall Tiles

Porcelain tiles are generally capable of absorbing water which is why they are generally considered in bathrooms.

Get in touch with one of the leading bathroom wall tiles manufacturers who will help you decide upon the type of wall tile for your domestic or commercial space with certified products and quality tested to get the best!

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