Filing for divorce is never an easy option as it leaves behind many financial and emotional side effects in its wake. Getting divorced becomes all the more disturbing if you have kids attending school.

One of the most complicated processes that one faces after filing for a divorce is that of property distribution. Distribution of the property is a daunting task and therefore it is essential that you have the right strategy and plan in place for how each of you will divide the assets. To help you make the process of property distribution a little bit easy and simple, we have shared a few tips in this post.

1. Ready to negotiate

One of the important things to keep in mind at the time of property division is that you should be willing to negotiate with your ex-partner. There might some items/assets that both of you are willing to keep, but the asset can go to only one of you until you can find a way to split and divide it. So both of you should agree on which thing will be kept by whom and if you decide to sell a particular thing, then be ready to divide the money evenly. This fact stands for big assets like a car or a house.

2. Keep the expensive items secure

If you have a few assets that are valuable to you and you feel very connected to them, then you might fear your spouse taking them first. Such types of situations appear if you and your partner have animosity in between. In such a case, move to the court and get an order to keep such valuable things under lock and key so that it can’t be taken by your spouse until the final settlement is reached.

3. Determine the personal assets

A key to making the property distribution easy is to determine which assets are your personal assets and which are earned by the both of you.  As per law, your spouse has no rights on your personal items. Some of these assets are the things earned by you before getting married, gifts from your friends and family and the likes. But if you have assets like a home that is owned by you and not your parents, then your partner has a right to get a share in the house, irrespective of whether you bought it before marriage.

4. Appraise the valuable items

If there are a few assets in which both you and your spouse have interest then it is good to have such assets appraised. This way both of you will be able to understand its worth. Once you know the value of the said asset, you can sell it or can devise a plan to split the item evenly to get your share.

5. Keep the proofs

If you have bills, receipts or any other proofs of the items that are financed by you after marriage, then collect such proofs and keep them ready to be presented in the court if need be. This will not give your spouse a chance to make a false claim on that item.

6. Hire a divorce solicitor

To make sure that you get the assets that are due to you, contact an experienced and good property division and divorce solicitor. They will not only make the process easy and stress-free but also ensure the safety of your share in your property without any hassle or dispute.

Most of us have assets like an insurance policy, home, car, jewellery and other properties. Since the process of getting divorced involves so many troubles and complications, experts suggest keeping yourself ready for such turns in your life. One of the things you can do to secure yourself to a certain level is to make an estate plan or Will. To know more about how to make a will at home, refer to a good and trusted source to find the necessary information.