Indoor Entertainment Area in Home

A home’s ideal indoor entertainment area would have comfortable seating, ample lighting, and various entertainment options such as a TV, gaming console, or board games.

Building the standard entertainment area in your home takes little effort. You place a television there and are good at watching your favorite movies and television series. However, you must plan and design for the next level and make the ideal entertainment area.

The home entertainment area is not only for celebrities and famous people because you can also set up one in your home. Here are some tips when building the coolest home entertainment area on a low budget.

9 Ways To Set Up Ideal Indoor Entertainment Area in Home

Set Up Ideal Indoor Entertainment Area

#1. Choose the Right Spot

Choosing the ideal spot for your home entertainment area will likely confuse you because there are plenty of spots.

You can have your spare bedroom, your living area, or your basement for it. However, you have to consider these things before choosing your ideal spot.

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#2. The shape of the Room

You must consider the room shape because some could be better for setting up your entertainment area.

For example, a square shape room can create strange sound distortions, which can be off for your movie time. Choose a rectangular room for you to have the best sound projection.

#3. Walls

When soundproofing the walls of your home entertainment area, do not go hastily and staple egg cartons on it.

There are more aesthetically appealing and decent wall treatments than that. For example, regular drywall can make your home entertainment area soundproof and awesome.

Also, remember to fill in the large spaces with furniture or drapes. Please do not put glass-framed artwork on it because it can reflect too much sound and light.

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#4. Windows

When setting up your home entertainment area, the rule is that the fewer windows, the better.

It is because windows have solid surfaces that, when reflected with sound, can distort the audio quality.

But if you already have windows in your entertainment area, you can just put on blinds and heavy curtains.

#5. Floor Covering

Treating your floor with a wall-to-wall covering, such as a carpet, is essential.

This type of carpet can absorb sounds, especially if it has cushions underneath, which make the audio full. Also, lying on the carpet while watching a movie will sometimes be cozy.

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#6. Go for a Nice Sound System

You can choose various high-tech and advanced sound systems for your home entertainment area.

Some speakers have designs that give high-quality specific sounds, which makes your listening and viewing experience excellent.

#7. Speaker Placement

Well, the typical home entertainment area has in its place a 5.1 surround sound system. A 5.1 surround sound system means having a woofer that produces low-frequency sound, one low-range and five full-range speakers.

To properly place this sound system, put the woofer and the three speakers in the center and the other two on either side.

Ensure you have an allowance of about 20 inches from the walls. However, not all rooms are the same. So it would be best if you suited what placement of your speakers produces the best sound quality.

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#8. Best Viewing Experience

The central attraction of any home entertainment area is the impressive display of the high-definition screen.

Sometimes the screen size brings us into temptation that it will enhance our viewing experience. However, it is on a case-to-case basis.

Of course, you want to absorb yourself by watching your favorite movie, and a big screen can give you this viewing pleasure.

But make sure not to choose a gigantic screen to crane your head side to side to see all the scenes. Get a display screen that has a combination of the right viewing angle, graphics, and size.

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#9. The Right Distance and Angle

The ideal distance of your monitor from the viewers is at least 7.5 feet and not beyond 12.5 feet if you have 60-inch wide television.

Many home experts will tell you to have an angle between 30 to 40 degrees for the optimum viewing angle.


Having an entertainment area in your home is essential. A home entertainment area is where you will spend your family bonding and weekend relaxation. So you must ensure that you will build one that provides comfort, style, and function.