Human CBD To Animals

Having a pet means having someone to love unconditionally, and receiving that love right back. However, playing and cuddling with them is not the most important thing of being an owner. You are the one responsible for their health from the very beginning of their lives. You are the one responsible for their quality of life.

Now, how does the idea of giving marijuana to your animals sound? Don’t worry, I am not talking about getting them stoned, or anything like that. In fact, as holista pet can show us, cannabis can be rather good for our little furry friends. But, that’s because it isn’t traditional marijuana you are giving them. I agree with you, that would be irresponsible, to say the least.

Here’s What I Am Talking About

There is something very similar, yet very different from marijuana, that people are using today in order to help their four-legged companions lead the best life they can. After being used for a long time to help humans, cannabis has finally found its purpose in the lives of animals. That purpose lies in an amazing compound found in the cannabis sativa plant, which is called cannabidiol (CBD).

The therapeutic qualities of cannabis have long been neglected and that’s something we cannot deny. Yet, it’s popularity is gradually increasing, especially after scientists have found that it can be beneficial for animals as well. And now, due to the positive effects of this plant, the products made from it are widely accepted across the world.

These positive effects are the result of a successful interaction between the products and the cannabinoid receptors found in our pet’s bodies. There are two types of these receptors, with one of them found in the brain, and the other one in the immune system. The compound you can safely administer to your animals, i.e. CBD, works together with those receptors in order to help them improve and regulate all kinds of functions taking place in their bodies. More info.

These receptors are a part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), and they can be found throughout the whole body. This system is responsible for maintaining a balance in the organism, and if it is not working properly, animals can find themselves at risk from developing certain kinds of illnesses. However, CBD can attach to the ECS and manage and regulate the production of cannabinoids in our pets. Consequently, their whole organism is better balanced and healthier.

Human vs. Animals CBD

You might have come across these products before and heard about its use in the treatment of certain conditions found in humans. Naturally, that can make you wonder whether the product is the same for our pets. True, there are more than a few similarities here, but there is also an important difference you need to keep in mind. Let’s check those out.

The CBD used for human consumption is extracted from the same plant as the one used for animal consumption. That means that there is no difference between these two on a structural level. Furthermore, the effects are also rather similar and CBD-based products can be used to treat some of the same diseases that can be developed in both humans and their pets. Once again, this similarity is conditioned by the existence of the same system, i.e. the ECS, in the organisms of these two species.

Here are some more info on the system and the receptors:

However, I wouldn’t advise you to give your own cannabidiol-based product to your pet. Why? Well, there is a rather logical reason for this. Your animal is of different size and weight than you. The product geared towards animal consumption is adapted to their bodies, their size, and their weight. This means that it will have a different concentration of CBD.

Therefore, in order not to overdose your animals, I suggest you stick to those products designed specifically for their consumption. If you use CBD properly and according to recommendations, you will quickly notice improvement in your pets’ well-being. From relieving them of pain and nausea, to treating disorders such as anxiety and dementia… CBD seems to be perfect for everything. And, since you are the one responsible for your animal’s quality of life – so why not enhance it?

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