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Can you feel it? There’s a buzz in the air that can only mean one thing. Summer is coming! As the weather warms up and crowds flock to the beach like the jungle juice jug at Homecoming, Bros across the U.S. are forced to make one significant decision what swim trunks should I buy for the first pool party?

Nothing’s more embarrassing than recycling those old, baggy, flower-print board shorts your Aunt gave you when you turned 16. You know, the ones with the mesh lining that made you feel like you were hanging from the closet coat hook?

Those ancient artifacts belong in a time capsule with the too-tight Abercrombie polos, puka shell necklace, and Eminem poster.

How To Buy Designer Swim Wears for Men Online

One Southern California-based company has made it their mission to rid the Nation of too-long, too-bland, too-baggy men’s board shorts and help men of all ages breathe some life back into the beach scene.

Started by two SoCal Bros who grew up watching the Hoff run in slo-mo down the beach, Cabana BRO is poised to make a huge splash with a bunch of great fitting, radical styles that will have babes screaming “10”!

So slap on some pink Zinka, grab your surfboard and a football, and join the crusade of Bros, who are helping bring us back to the days when the upper thigh was king of the beach. Time to let your thighs high-five!

One killer Cabana BRO design that’s been getting a lot of attention lately is appropriately titled “The Dot Bombs”.

These short shorts for men come in vintage black with piercing teal polka dots and include a contrasting white waistband and neon pink drawstrings. Kind of like your Dad’s 1980s polkas, except with a not-so-subtle sprinkle of “Funboy” to add a fresh party-oriented twist to the old school polka style.

These funky men’s swim trunks are begging to be worn to the next Vegas pool party and may score you a VIP pass into the DJ booth.

Better hit the weight room, Bro, because, with these short shorts on your hips, you’ll be sure to turn heads while fist-pumping to the dirtiest of house beats!

A favourite design of ours is “The High Nooners!” Peep into fashion magazine these days, and you’re sure to see something about the hot new “ombre” colour that’s sweeping the country.

Much to our delight, the two Bros at Cabana BRO took this colour, tossed in their signature bright pinks, purples, and oranges, and applied a killer fade to create a men’s swim trunks style that we love!

Pair these swim trunks with your favourite tank and go day-rage at the frat house, or head to the beach and body surf your way to the nearest babe’s heart; regardless of the scene, we think you’ll be a hit in the “The High Nooners!”

With several signature styles to choose from, Cabana BRO is destined to make its mark in the men’s swim trunk industry.

So what are you waiting for? Quit scouring the mall racks for those baggy cargo eyesores, and grab a pair of these fresh short shorts before selling out!

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