Passion for Tango Dance

Tango dance is a well-known partner dance that emphasizes the passionate, erotic and fickle style of movement, improvisation, and great expressions. This type of dance requires passion a well as the close bond between dancers.

Usually, this sensual ballroom dance is performed by a girl and a boy, showing romance in their movements. It is developed in response to several cultural elements like the fashions in clothing and crowding of the venue. This beautiful dance has influenced European, Native American and African cultures.

Let’s know about importance of Tango Dance, Tango Clothes for Girls, Tango Clothes for Boys and Importance of tango shoes for Tango Dance.

The passion that awakens the people who dance tango

People have a passion for this stylish and romantic dance. Here are the reasons why people are so much passionate about this dance.

  • Healthy self-gratification: With this dance, you are not going to consume calories to have a good time; indeed you are reducing them. So, this dance is guilt-free.
  • Sociable: Every week, you meet new folks during dance classes. You can say tango is sociable in every aspect.
  • Unique: This is an exclusive and unique experience that partners believe impregnates a missed gap in contemporary society.
  • Shared experience: This dance is an unexpressed dialogue between the couple, communicating personal messages through gestures. This way, people crave stability and indoctrination.

What kind of clothing is used to dance the tango?

Tango Clothes for Girls

As we know that this dance is a passionate and sensual, and the girl’s clothes remark this. The clothes of girls should always endeavor to be aesthetic. Clothing should be comfortable, light and offer simple movement which includes holding together of both partners’ feet. Today, girls wear all lengths of skirts, so that they can do movement easily. Many dresses have open tops which show cleavage with it. Such types of clothing are considered as sensual. Tango outfit should have asymmetrical hemlines as well as are graceful with crochet and fringes applications.

Tango Clothes for Boy

The Clothes for a boy can be a shirt, which is made of silk material as well as trousers. To perfectibility this dress the boy can wear a few accessories such as hats, vests, and suspenders.

Importance of shoes to dance tango

During tango dance, you have to make sure that the feet are well protected in comfortable shoes. During competitions, social dancing, and practice sessions, you will be able to easily move across the dance floor. Selecting a perfect shoe is important for attaining consciousness of how your body is cooperating with the floor, creating the confidence, conviction, balance, strength and reaching the right body’s alignments that are required for performing the best dance.

Tango dance shoes are made either from suede or leather. The suede material is comfortable. It is considered as a flexible of all tango shoe materials.

Specialized Tango shoes

On top of that, you should buy some shoes that are designed for tango dance only. This type of shoes will add feel, look, and enjoyment of your tango. If you are an old man or you have knee problems or you want more pivots with less effort, then specialized tango shoes will be perfect for you.

If you dance on slippery ground, suede will be perfect.  On the other hand, if you dance on sticky or rough floors, leather shoes will be best.

Importance of clothes and shoes for Tango Dance

During tango dance, if you wear the perfect type of costume, then you will be expressive. The outfits help to communicate the feeling in a seductive way. The type of clothing will also provide a strong delight for the audience.

Dress Sexy

It is suggested that people who do tango dance must wear a sexy outfit. It may motivate the partner to perform with you as it can create a romantic mood.

Dress For Your Feel

More importantly, you should select a dress that makes you feel comfortable, good & confident. You will be surprised to know that the dresses have the power to control a partner’s mind or seduce them easily.

A normal height heel with good support is a perfect place to begin tango dance. We would like to suggest Mr. Tango shoe models as they are cool, stylish, and a stable. In sum, if you are going to start tango dance, then you can start with a Latin shoe or suede-soled ballroom. They should be lightweight.

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