rising crime rate in America

The terms ‘2020’ and ‘Coronavirus’ are probably going to be remembered in the United States of America for generations to come – for obvious reasons. However, there is one more thing that made 2020 and 2021 leave a mark in the lives of Americans. And it is the rising crime rate in America. With the rising crime rate, the demand for criminal defense attorneys also increased, especially for criminal defense firms like Goldman & Associates.

As per the records of the past few months, the homicide rates in the USA spiked upward in 2020. But what could be the possible reasons behind this sudden spike in the crime rate? The pandemic, the spike in gun purchases, and claims protests against police brutality have undercut effective law enforcement are some of the major reasons.

The following crime rates saw a huge rise in the United States of America over the past year.


Criminal homicides are intentional and unlawful killing of a person due to any reason. Homicides saw a huge spike amid the pandemic in the USA. In fact, the homicide rates in 2020 were 30% higher than in 2019 in the US. The growing homicide rate in the United States is a cause of concern among the citizens.

Aggravated Assaults 

An aggravated assault is an attempt to cause serious bodily harm with disregard for human life. Factors that take an assault to the aggravated stage generally comprise the use of a weapon, the status of the victim in the attack, the intention of the perpetrator, and the level of the injury caused to the victim. Various states have multiple degrees of criminal charges for aggravated assault.

After the declaration of March to the year-end, the average rate of aggravated assaults increased by 7% in 2019. Throughout the year 2020, the rate was 6% higher than that in 2019.

Gun assault 

In 2020, the people of America faced significantly higher levels of violence both wrought on and within their communities. Gun violence has been a major crime that spiked amid the pandemic. More than 19,000 people lost their lives in shootings and firearm-related incidents in the year 2020. According to the GVA (Gun Violence Archive, an online website that collects gun violence data), it is the highest death toll over the last 20 years. Much of this violence significantly affected the poor black and brown communities living in the United States. In addition to suffering from the unavoidable COVID situation, the poor people are also suffering from excessively high rates of violence.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence generally occurs within a domestic space where one person holds power over another. It is a broad term and generally consists of intimate partner violence, elder abuse, as well as child abuse. Amid the pandemic, domestic violence has emerged on a global level, let alone in the US.

Quarantine resulted in unemployment, economic strain, alcohol abuse, depression, and post-traumatic stress symptoms that contributed to the rising rates of domestic violence.

Tips for finding the right criminal defense attorney

With the huge rise in crime rates, the demand for criminal defense attorneys also increased to a great extent. If you have been looking for an attorney, here are certain things you should keep in mind.

The attorney should be specialized in criminal law

Although they don’t have to practice criminal law exclusively, they must be specialists in criminal law. If there is nothing related to the criminal law on the attorney’s website, they are not likely the right pick for you.

The attorney must be regularly engaged in criminal law and stay updated on the nuances of this type of criminal law.

Do research 

Looking for all the criminal defense attorneys near you will give you a list of dozens of lawyers around you. Give proper time to go through the list of lawyers, check if they are a part of any professional organization, go through the client testimonials, ask for referrals from your friends, family, and colleagues. The more research you do, the more chances you getting the perfect fit for your needs. Shortlist a few lawyers and then make the final decision. Don’t forget to confirm they are certified criminal law specialists and are capable of handling your case.

Choose the qualities that matter to you

There are certain qualities such as excellent communication skills that you must look for in your defense attorney. Such qualities in an attorney will help make your case stronger and increase your chances of winning. Also, check the track record of the attorney before hiring. Do ask about the attorney’s experience in a specific crime and see if it matches your case.

If ethics are your priorities, ask for reference from your friends and family if they have hired an attorney who they feel is honest. You can also ask the attorney to give a simple of a successful negotiation.

Your lawyer should not make guarantees

This is an extremely crucial point to keep in mind while hiring an attorney for your case. You must understand that the law is fickle and there are no guarantees in the court. The lawyer has to be confident but that does not mean he is guaranteeing the outcome. No lawyer can tell beforehand what will happen in the court, especially when you are going for a jury trial. If your lawyer is making some guarantees, it’s time to consider another lawyer for your case.

To sum up

The homicide rate emerged in June well after the pandemic hit along with the death of George Floyd and the following mass protests in the US. The massive increase in firearm purchase during the year 2020 also increased the crime rate in the United States of America.

All these factors when combined are enough to create a ‘perfect storm’ of circumstances pushing the crime rate. In case you or any of your family members are stuck with a criminal case, it’s time to look for criminal defense attorneys who can help you come out of the situation smartly and efficiently.

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