Ways to Add More Character to Your Outfits

Getting dressed every day can be somewhat of a struggle for some people, but it’s a source of joy and excitement for others. It’s an opportunity to get creative and gain confidence as well.

This probably explains why even in economically challenging times, the clothing industry continues to thrive. Indeed, dressing up allows you to show off different aspects of yourself beautifully.

However, dressing up can sometimes feel like a tired routine, and even the outfits you put together can start looking stale. So, if you wish to reinvigorate your style, here are seven ways for you to do just that.

Ways to Add More Character to Your Outfits

#1. Wear a headwrap

A headwrap can be a controversial piece because of its ethnic origin and how most people do not expect it to be worn so casually. Typically, people see headwraps at particular events such as festivals or parties.

But if you want to add a touch of daring style, give wearing a headwrap a try to add interest and a delightful splash of color to your overall look. It’s not that different from a hat, after all.

If you need some inspiration for tying a headwrap, model Halima Aden has many easy tying techniques that you can follow.

#2. Bring in bold prints and colors to your ensemble

Now and then, veer away from your typical safe options for prints and colors and opt for something unexpected. Choose bolder prints and hues.

Rich jewel tones, for instance, can complement different skin tones. Meanwhile, bolder prints can create the illusion of a fuller silhouette, especially if you’re a little on the slender side.

#3. Choose big and unique patterns for classic cuts

If you are not keen on deviating from classic cuts, invest in classic pieces that come in louder or more daring patterns.

For instance, if you love the look of oversized boyfriend shirts (which are staples in stylish women’s wardrobes), how about investing in the same shirt styles but in Afro-chic patterns?

You can take a similar route for all the styles of clothing that you know look good on you. The nice thing about this fashion hack is that it doesn’t feel like too big of a change, although visually, it is.

#4. Focus on unique details

When you’re feeling more courageous, start working more details into your clothing picks.

Look for large buttons, oversized collars, ruffles, ruching, cutouts, ribbons, interesting sleeve designs, and others when shopping for new pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe.

If there are quirky details in many of your clothes, it would be so much easier to stand out, even if you’re using the same materials and styling for outfits.

It’s worth mentioning that when dressing to impress, you don’t need a profusion of different details; a few here and there can pack a load of character into any ensemble.

#5. Go for different silhouettes

Move away from the typical clothing shapes that you go for and start incorporating new cuts and details.

For example, if you like voluminous skirts, how about going for a high-low version of it this time around? Or, if you enjoy form-fitting dresses, consider one that comes with a large bow at the front, which is a popular feature in African tribal clothing.

It would also help to implement editorial styling techniques such as shifting the neckline of classic button-down shirts or tying the edge of the shirt for a cropped look.

#6. Do not be afraid to combine patterns

Trying pattern-on-pattern can be a bit intimidating because many feel that it can make outfits look too busy. But to avoid that, the key is to create a balance with the patterns.

Please do not make the two patterns you wish to use the same size; one has to be smaller than the other.

So, if you like a leopard print, which is often small, you can go for big stripes to pair it with.

Another vital principle to follow when you want to combine different patterns for your outfit is to ensure that the designs have at least one similar element. This is usually color.

#7. Wear chunky accessories

There’s not much character in small pieces because they’re hard to see. However, you certainly have a better chance of showing off a strong look when using chunky or noticeable accessories.

Back in the day, stylists advised using just one or two accessories for a balanced look. However, these days, layer and combine as you like it.

Take a cue from style icon Iris Apfel who has no issue wearing multiple chunky accessories and layering them for a bigger impact.

All in all, if you want your style to stand out, experimenting with styling tactics is the way to go, from choosing big and bold prints and designs to exploring the unique traits of Afro-chic clothing.

So play with the different items in your wardrobe and treat yourself to new, good-quality fashion pieces every once in a while.

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