Best Places To Visit in Vasai

Vasai called Bacaim or Bassein Road. Planning For Tour To Vasai! Here is Detailed Information about Interesting Places To Visit in Vasai. Historically Vasai is called Bacaim or Bassein Road.

It is regarded to be a historical, well known suburban town that is located north to the city of Mumbai and in the state of Maharashtra. Vasai Road is said to form portion of the Vasai – Virar city.

Bassein Fort had been constructed by the Portuguese for strengthening their naval supremacy over Arabian Sewa. During the 18th century, this fort got occupied by the invading Maratha army in 1739 after a harsh 3 year long siege.

However, after the First Maratha – Anglo War, the British had taken over the territory.

Best time & 7 places to visit in Vasai

The best time for tourists to visit this city is during the winter. During this time, the tourists can get to visit and see the interesting spots located here.

They can enjoy every moment of their visit and click on those precious pictures which can be shared with the others and kept as memoirs for a life time.

Reaching to the Vasai city

The city of Vasai can be reached by train. The local station here is called Vasai Road. One can easily find buses plying on all important routes. Apart from the public buses, Dum Dum or auto rickshaws are the common transport that can be availed here.

The railways connect this historical suburban town making it convenient for tourists to visit the place and enjoy its surroundings.

Cool places to visit when in Vasai

There are indeed several places that the tourist can visit upon reaching this interesting, historical town. One of the most interesting places is the Tungareshwar Temple. The other tourist important spots are:

#1. Chinchoti Waterfalls

It is a wonderful waterfall that is sure to be loved by every traveler. Sufficient time is to be taken out for visiting this place and to enjoy its natural beauty.

#2. Rangaon Beach

It is a wonderful tourist spot to have picnic with the whole family. This place is noticed to be clean and both the young and the old are sure to enjoy their trip to the place.

#3. Bhuigaon Beach

This place is calm and clean. It boasts of having different types of trees offering travelers with shade, where one can enjoy full day picnic. Children are sure to get thoroughly entertained and the beach is completely safe for everyone, since it is flat.

It is considered to be among the best beach in the town of Vasai.

#4. Tungareshwar Temple

This temple is not exactly located in Vasai, but in its surrounding. It boasts of having a popular Shiva temple that is frequented by devotees throughout the year, to seek the almighty’s blessings.

Since it is in a remote place, the tourists are required to book a vehicle. This temple is located within Tungareshwar National Park, which in itself is a wonderful tourist spot.

#5. Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

#6. Chandika Devi Temple

#7. Four Fountain De-Stress Spa

Upon visiting Vasai town or even crossing the Vasai Road Station by rail, one should not forget to order the food delivery at Vasai Road station to relish its local cuisine on the go.

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