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The product made from CBD and CBD oil, in particular, is enjoying increasing success worldwide. They had the merit of making known the beneficial properties of hemp to the public, highlighting its ability to improve the well-being of the body and mind.

You should know that CBD I now legal throughout the US and that you can now legally order some of the best CBD products online.

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What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol that is a metabolite of cannabis Sativa, is not linked in any way to the ‘high,’ which is instead due to the concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive and psychotropic substance). However, since there is still too often misinformation on the subject, it will be helpful to think locally about the values ​​of CBD and those allowed by THC (below which the product is legal and can be marketed).

The categories of commercial cannabis and the effects

When we talk about CBD, we refer to the prominent cannabinoid contained in light hemp: it is effective against stress, insomnia, and inflammation, as well as in general against pain and depressive states.

As for the CBD value of cannabis, it will be helpful to start from the assumption that in nature, there are no cannabis plants that—once dried—develop a CBD value greater than 20%.

It is possible to classify commercial cannabis plants into three macro-categories based on the index of CBD and THC values.

Some genetics are characterized by a substantial prevalence of THC with almost zero CBD values. Then we find the genetics that balances the presence of both cannabinoids (both CBD and THC oscillate between 5 and 30 %).

Finally, we come to the last group—more interesting since the only legal one—which includes inflorescence with THC legal value (below 0.6%) and a high CBD content. Typically, the ratio between THC and CBD is 1 to 20.

In any case, it will be correct to state that cannabis can’t develop numerous cannabinoids that exceed 35% (and this is due to limitations from the perspective of genetics). It is because the plant needs additional essential elements to ensure its survival, and the reference is in particular to proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, and mineral salts.

Legal dry hemp: what to do with your CBD flowers?

It may happen that, after a few days, our legal weed begins to lose some of its classic smell and become dry. And this even if it has been correctly stored in a humid environment. The reasons can be many, but several methods can make legal dry hemp recover its characteristic flavor.

Let’s see them together in this in-depth analysis, but first starting to review the possible causes of drying. It could happen that the buds grew in dry climates or that the product was already dry when purchased. In general, the disposal of personnel weed should not be too long marijuana because this can also be a risk factor.

How to use orange peel to restore vigor to dried hemp

A few moves will be enough to restore vigor to dry and now odorless buds. Among the main humidification techniques available, it is necessary to indicate the one that uses orange peel. What to do? You will need to get a kitchen container, for example, a glass jar, some orange peel, and dried grass.

The orange peel will also be inserted into the container with the cannabis inflorescence (the amount of the latter will depend on the buds treated). Close and leave to rest for a few hours, then remove the peels, leaving the grass to moisten.

The technique we have just examined, being particularly simple and intuitive to implement, is used by most people who experience dryness in their cannabis buds. Still, using the kitchen container, you can also use other techniques to get the dry buds back in shape.

Cotton soaked in water, and the steam technique

Then there is another technique to be exploited to make dry inflorescence perfect again: you must use cotton soaked in water.

The balls will be placed in the container, well protected, and wrapped in aluminum foil. Finally, let’s look at one last technique to rehydrate dry CBD buds, focusing on a foolproof method to reduce waiting times and speed up the entire procedure.

In this case, steam will be used, but be careful not to make the grass too wet or even cook it. Instead, fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil, then set aside and cover with a very strong cloth to fix along the edges.

At this point, the dry CBD grass will have to be delicately placed on the fabric, then letting the steam carry out its work revitalizing action.

After passing through the fabric, the heat will spread evenly and homogeneously over the buds, which will be quickly rehydrated. Half an hour or a maximum of 60 minutes will be enough for the buds to be usable again soon.

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