Puberty and Girls

Most of the mothers face lots of challenges and inhibitions when it comes to discuss womanhood with their little young girl who is about to hit puberty in girls.

It may be about her first period, first crush or the new emotions that are building in. It seems to be a daunting task but as a mother you need to be open enough to discuss these things in a right way so that you can guide her well.

Puberty in Girls

The points listed below are must for a mother to help her instill the much required confidence in a daughter at the doorstep of womanhood.

Why do you think and feel about mensuration?

Onset of mensuration comes with a lot of emotional changes in you little girl. The first period might scare her off.

As a mother you need to prepare her much before she comes to that stage so that she takes it as a biological change just like when she shed her first milk teeth.

Before you are able to achieve it, you must check how you feel about mensuration because that is what you will pass on to her.

Get your facts right, meet a gynecologist and relate everything to biology rather than a taboo like thing.

Prepare her for the physical changes she is about to undergo

Mensuration is always accompanied with physical changes. She may feel unwell or see changes in her body that she does not like.

Empower her with the right set of things that help her overcome any discomfort or the self-conscious feeling as to what is happening to her body. If she has her answers ready nothing can affect her confidence.

Go for mensuration shopping together

Right from shopping for pads to undergarments, you must take her along to make her aware of the right choices that can give her comfort during those days.

Keep her bag ready with a period kit so that she never has to an embarrassing situation anytime.

Taking her to a shopping spree educate her on the right choice of pads and that she is aware that things like Knixteen provides underwear for teens, whether she should buy a tampon or not.

Do not give her a vague idea tell her how to use things

As a mother you gave her birth so why to shy away at this time when she needs you the most. Make sure you give her a demo as to how fix a pad on her panty and not just tell her steps.

She is scared right now and needs continuous reassurance that you are there with her helping her out of everything that is about to change. It has been noticed that when mother give comfort to girls, they transition into confident females.

Preparing her emotionally and physically is a mother job and not her friend’s task as you know her well. Make her feel comfortable at home and tell her cramps and mood swings are real and as you dealt it well she will also be able to do it with a smile.

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