Viralimalai Sanctuary of Tiruchirappalli

Tiruchirappalli or Trichy is an amazing destination close to nature. You can find a lot of popular places here to visit, including the Viralimalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Read on to know more about the place.

Tiruchirapalli, additionally called Trichy, is a city of modern and historic significance in Tamil Nadu. Ruled by various traditions over time, Tiruchirapalli has many stories to tell and verifiable landmarks, such as the Rockfort, to see.

Trichy is an old city of South India, and it was the capital of Chola and Nayak Kings for a long time. The fight between the British (East India Company) and the French with the assistance of local people denoted the beginnings of the British Raj in the southern piece of India.

It is the home to numerous temples and the hub for artists and artisans. In addition, you can check out various Tiruchirappalli tour packages for a great vacation time in this place.

Viralimalai Sanctuary of Tiruchirappalli

You can best visit the Viralimalai Sanctuary here. The best time to visit Viralimalai Wildlife Sanctuary is from October to April.

Other than the excellence of the peacocks in their regular natural surroundings, one can see other birds and animals at the Murugan sanctuary, which is a pleasant sight.

The sanctuary offers a magnificently peaceful climate. Another intriguing truth about Viralimalai is that it was inhabited from early on.

A Chola temple demonstrates that individuals have lived here since the ninth century A.D. Viralimalai likewise solely houses the Kuravanji, which was facilitated amid the Maha Shivaratri celebration consistently until 1993.

While Tiruchirapalli is an incredible city to visit and investigate in itself, a trek to Viralimalai Wildlife Sanctuary ought to preferably be the motivation of spots to visit from here.

Moreover, Viralimalai Wildlife Sanctuary has been pronounced a legacy site, all the more reasons to visit.

An outing to Viralimalai Wildlife Sanctuary can be arranged as a weekend getaway from Tiruchirapalli. There is almost no other conveyance accessible there. Who can make it into a day trip? as transport is available during the day.

Situated around thirty kilometers far from Tiruchirapalli, Viralimalai Wildlife Sanctuary is entirely prevalent with visitors. It is rich in greenery, and it is most surely understood for an inconceivable peacock asylum.

It has numerous types of peacocks. More than six unique types of peacocks can be seen here, from all around India and Southeast Asia.

The Palawan peacock bird, otherwise called Tandikan o spectacular and you will probably be amazed to perceive how distinctive every type of peacock looks.

India’s national feathered creature, the Indian peafowl, can be found in large numbers, meandering around uninhibitedly and giving awesome opportunities to you to take some snaps.

These feathered creatures are a sight to capture. A part of the other peacock species you may have the capacity to spot here are:

  • The Malayan peacock-bird.
  • The white peacock.
  • The green peafowl.
  • The gray peacock-fowl.

An exceptionally intriguing spot to see, Viralimalai Wildlife Sanctuary is an incredible tourist destination. This should highlight the rundown of spots to find and visit in a lifetime.

Check out different Tiruchirappalli holiday packages and advance toward this beautiful natural life haven on your coming vacation. It is worth the adventure.

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