Maui Tours

Living in paradise is fresh and wonderful! It is warm all year round. With more beaches to go at any time for a vacation experience, unique and refreshing culture and great people, beautiful mountains, breezy ocean, and even the snow cones.

Moving to Maui is Awesome for Many Reasons:

  • Ideal temperate climate. It is never too hot – over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, nor is it ever colder than starting your breath to fog.
  • Almost constant “trade winds” that keep fresh air blowing in across the island to disperse whatever pollution might have come from vehicles.
  • The deep blue and the mighty ocean surround the island.
  • Awesome to do walking, picnics, sightseeing, visiting attractions like the volcanoes and historical sights.
  • You never get bored of surfing, bodyboarding, bodysurfing, swimming, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, parasailing, parasurfing, and kiteboarding (on skateboards) are all fun activities available.
  • You will get the inspiration to climb Haleakala volcano up over 10,000 feet.
  • You will love the diversity. The people, the food, the things to do, the cultures, the way of life, and the whole atmosphere is different from anything have ever experienced.

How live with comfort in Maui?

When you take a decision of living to Maui, it is better to take an immigration attorney in Maui to avoid wasting your time and money. Other than legalities, you need to consider preparations not stated in the book of the laws.

  • Learn, know,and understand what is in Maui. In the planning phase to move to Maui, you do more research. You have to study and understand the history of Maui. Upon learning about Hawaii and Maui, you will begin to realize that you cannot bring your old life with you when you migrate to live on this Island.

Learning local experience, you will come in Maui with giving back and not taking away anything from the Island.

  • Self-sufficiency is easy. Life is simple in Maui. You do not need to live a luxurious life.
  • Live simple. You will live inconservatively.
  • Your dream is possible. Life here is different. Living in Maui is spectacular.

How prepare to live in Maui?

Plan Ahead

Make a list with headings like Flights, Housing, Food, Transportation, Vet Bills, and Shipping of Household Goods, Cars, and Pets. Be sure to keep an emergency fund.

Rent Before You Buy

Do not be an impulsive buyer. Please start living in Maui by renting a house first before buying a property. You might decide after all that you would instead love to visit the beach than being always surrounded by tourists.

Sort Your Stuff

Do not bring things that you can buy in Maui. Bring only your family valuables, pictures, valuable items, and your important papers, such as medical records, prescriptions, passports, birth certificates, wills, and deeds.

Talk to Your Vet Early

If you have pets with you, remember to take rabies teststo take a minimum of three months as a requirement of the State of Hawaii. By the time you arrive, your pets willbe in the subject for examination before bringing home in Maui.

Research Schools for your kids

Take opportunities to talk to parents, teachers, and administrators to get a sense of the culture of the school. Remember that philosophies vary by culture, so make sure if it does not jive with your beliefs and expectations, your kids’ mindset is ready to accept the reality.

Job Hunting

It is best if you start job hunting before you move. Life is different on an island where few manufacturing jobs could be available. In most cases, tourism is the primary source of employment.