Majewski Plastic Surgery

Every day, thousands of Americans are taking inventory of their bodies to see if they can improve certain areas. Some of them have made new year’s resolutions concerning enhancing their appearance in a certain way and want to stick to the promise they made themselves. One of those areas of concern has to deal with their facial features. There are wrinkles along with fine lines present and they are looking to get rid of them.

Getting a face lift is on the table and they want to do it without the surgery. It is ok to want to look younger or get your youthful glow back. However, you need to make some decisions on how that is going to go along with the fact that you also have crows feet and what type of plastic surgical procedure will take care of that. If you go to a plastic surgeon they may offer you a treatment that is off-label to handle the job.

Using One Treatment Method For Another Issue

When using a treatment that is meant for one thing to take care another issue is in place, we need to understand why that treatment is used in that manner. For example, if your child has an allergic reaction to something they are such as shrimp, if you take them to the emergency room, the doctors will use Benadryl to cure the reaction and it works. Your child is better the next day. However, the medicine is not labeled for curing such allergic reactions. Well in plastic surgery, there are treatments that work the same way. They are FDA approved for what they are listed to treat but can take care of issues they are not approved to treat with great results. This is known as off- label medical uses. There are some wonderful testimonies of people being treated in this fashion in plastic surgery all the time. It is a habit that doctors use that have been proven to be successful. Of course, as with most plastic surgeon, they do not really think much about it because of the fact that the treatment has done the job over countless times.

The Benefits Of Off-Label Treatments

Off-Label treatments can be beneficial for both the patient and the cosmetic surgeon. For the doctor, this type of treatment saves money and time. If they were using a treatment to lift the face and tighten the skin, they need to also take care of the crows feet. Even though that part of the treatment is not FDA approved, the doctor can still do it with the treatment they are using versus having to do two separate treatments.

They can finish up on that patient and be able to see another because they have a procedure that will do it all and be just as effective as if they had to do two separate treatments. The surgeon can save that second treatment for when they need it most and that saves money because there is less product being used. What cosmetic surgeon doesn’t want to save money by using fewer products?

It simply means is that they are not ordering a lot of it since they have found other treatments they use that can take care of the same thing. For the consumer, it saved you money because one procedure is doing everything. Plus, you are getting the results you want the whole time. You are not losing money going from one procedure to the next. So using an off-label procedure is not scary at all and there is nothing to really worry about. The best part is that your results will be magnificent.

A Common Practice

Since off-labeling is a common practice in the field of cosmetic surgery, you need to understand that asking questions helps you to get a better idea about how this could be the best option for you. Having a clear understanding as to why off-labeling is quicker and more proficient in most cases will definitely ease your mind and get you ready to undergo your facial procedures with no worries about what you are going to look like.

As long as you do the follow-up treatments and follow the doctor’s instructions concerning the care of your facial procedure then you will be alright. You will see yourself glow because of the methods used to get rid of your crows feet or any other issue that your face may have dealt with.

The Label Issue

Products have to be tested all the time for certain things. Once the FDA approves what is on the label, the product may have to be tested again to get its other benefit on the label. Because it was tested before, it may take a while before the other proven effect gets on the label. Botox is a clear example of this type of off-label use. At first, it was only used for frown lines but it was discovered to work for crows feet along with other facing aging agents.

So quite naturally plastic surgeons began using this for special purposes before it ended being placed on the label. Now Botox is widely used for this and the treatments are highly successful. Just because a doctor has experience using a treatment that is off-labeled does not mean you can not ask questions about it. That is what the consultation is for. Feel free to ask the surgeon about so that you can decide if this is a good idea for you or not.

Plus, there are before and after pictures from clients that do not mind the doctor advertising their work. Browse through those so you can see how sage these procedures really are. You will be surprised at how good your results are going to come out.

Dr. Anurag Agarwal is a facial plastic surgeon is certified at the American Board of Facial Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Agarwal operates out of his Aesthetic Surgery Center facility in Naples, Florida. If you are looking for a Botox treatment in the Naples area, visit his site.