Show Your Balls the Attention

You’ve been through thick and thin with your boys. Through it all, they’ve never let you down. They’ve had your back no matter what challenges have come your way.

No, not your friends. It’s your balls we’re talking about here. With everything they’ve had to put up with over the years, how often do you show them the care they deserve?

The twig usually gets the most of your attention, but it’s time to show the berries some love, too. Here are six ways to show your boys some appreciation:

#1. Get the Right Underwear

You wouldn’t walk around all day in uncomfortable clothes, so why do you settle for uncomfortable underwear? If you want your balls to thank you, try docking your rocks in some quality underwear for change.

Sure, you’ve been wearing that same brand since college, but it’s time for an upgrade. Get yourself a pair of pouch underwear that cradles your balls in the right place all day.

#2. Clean With a Gentle Soap

Your balls are sensitive fellas, so you really should stop slathering them in just any old soap. The fragrant body wash that smells like cedarwood and sage that you use on the rest of your body is just too harsh for the skin down there.

Treat your family jewels to an extra special cleaning with a gentle soap that won’t dry them out. Look for “fragrance-free” and “gentle” or “calming” on the label.

While on the subject of cleaning, don’t neglect to wash this area in the shower. Take the time and make sure you’re really clean.

Bacteria can easily build up around your bits, leading to odor or other issues. This is no time to rush. You want those nuggets smelling fresh and clean.

#3. Approach Manscaping with Caution

Like beards, everyone has a different preference for their downstairs hair. Manscaping is not for everyone, but some people swear by it.

If you are interested in mowing the lawn, you must be practicing caution when wielding sharp tools in the vicinity of all that delicate skin. You need to make sure you are prepared to deal with ingrown hairs or cuts to prevent infection or uncomfortable inflammation.

#4. Show Them Some Attention During Sex

When you’re getting intimate with someone (or alone), the carrot is often the star of the show, but don’t forget to show the peas some love too. After all, even the backup dancers deserve a chance in the spotlight now and then.

#5. Protect Them During Sports

You probably know first-hand how much a blow between the legs can hurt. It may seem awkward to wear a cup when suiting up for play, but if you’re not protecting your nuggets during sports, you are risking serious injury, like bruising, bleeding, and even ruptures. Keep those boys healthy for a long time and give them the protection they deserve.

#6. Get Them Checked Out Regularly

You want to live a long, healthy life with your boys by your side – well, between your legs, really. You need to have regular checks by a doctor to guarantee everything is healthy down there. Many issues are manageable if caught early enough.

In between doctors’ visits, you should perform a testicular self-exam at least once a month to check for lumps or swelling that could be a sign of something serious. The best gift you can give your balls – and yourself – is peace of mind.

Day in, day out, your balls are usually just hanging out in the background, waiting for their chance to shine. Show your favorite boys that you care with some extra special attention now and then.

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