CBD Chocolate

CBD and chocolate combined can definitely be a recipe for a match made in heaven!

CBD is not known for having the best taste, but of course chocolate rocks! Together chocolate and CBD make a tasty and healthy remedy to help set a number of conditions on the right path to healing. Cheers to CBD chocolate?

Yes, cheers and two thumbs up for CBD chocolate! As you go through this guide, the hope is that you become excited about the benefits that CBD chocolate can bring to your life.

You will learn what type of chocolate is the best to support the benefits and enhancements of CBD. Then, you will learn about the benefits of CBD.

There are tons of incredible benefits. Next, you will discover the powerful benefits of using the right kind of chocolate.

Which has plenty of dynamic impacts on a variety of body functions sickness, and ailments. Lastly, you will gain perspective of what the body does when the CBD chocolate enters your body. It is nothing short of amazing!

Have You Heard of CBD Chocolate?

Before you get overjoyed about the combination of CBD and chocolate there’s something that you need to understand. True cannabis chocolate has standards.

The most popular kind of chocolate in the USA is milk chocolate. Although milk chocolate is most desired and most tasty it is definitely not the most healthy. Milk chocolate is full of fat and sugar. It only has 10% to 12% of the cocoa the element that’s good for you.

So with that truth painted, the other part of the truth is that for CBD chocolate to work well together it needs to be dark chocolate that is combined with 70% or more is the best combination. Hope that doesn’t burst your bubble too much!

The other interesting part on the CBD side is that you’ve got to be sure that your choice of CBD is actually coming from a reputable and high-quality source.

Since the industry itself is unregulated there are no set standard levels for products to follow. Unfortunately, that leaves room for a lot of error and for people to exaggerate the truth of their products.

You also want to be sure that the CBD of your choice is not contaminated with chemicals and harmful pesticides.

The Benefits of CBD 

#1. Supports a healthy heart

Quality CBD products do help support the heart as well as the circulatory system. When these two elements are working as they are designed to, it reduces high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is the culprit for heart attacks, strokes, and metabolic syndrome. However, the use of CBD products can ban those issues away.

#2. Effective in clearing away acne

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. These agents help to reduce the production of sebum that keeps acne flared up. When that one little issue is under control, it makes it that much easier for the skin to rejuvenate and heal from acne.

You will have to find what works best for you. You can take CBD orally to help with acne. Or, you can use a topical solution. In some cases, people have used both options for more extreme bouts of acne.

Some people respond to it orally pretty well, others don’t have amazing success. While others swear by using a topical agent to bring healing to the skin.

Just like with any natural healing supplement, you will have to do some trial and error to see what kind of response your body has to a new source.

#3. Everyday stress reliever

CBD is not only for people who have major health issues, but it can definitely be used for stress. CBD has an impact on your brain’s receptors which is why it is so effective in reducing stress.

CBD works to help the CB1 and CB2 receptors relax. When those relax the rest of the body relaxes as well as anything tied to a traumatic experience where pressure is being held in the body.

Being able to not have stress rules in day to day life is huge. Stress can begin to suppress your immune system. When your immune system is not working as it should, your body loses its ability to fend off infections.

#4. Drifting to sleep becomes easier

Speaking of CBD as a relaxing effect, that’s why it works perfectly for those who suffer from Insomnia. It helps the mind to relax making it easier to slip into a deep sleep.

The best time to take CBD for sleep is after your last meal. The dosage should be anywhere between 50 mg to 75 mg.

The power behind using cannabis consistently is that individuals who do use it are typically not overweight.

What cannabis does is help to coordinate the insulin in one’s body while using and managing the caloric admission even more successfully.

#5. Builds the strength of your lungs 

In contrast with smoking cigarettes, using Cannabis, in a similar way, isn’t unsafe to your lungs like smoking cigarettes.

Honestly, an assessment featured on Times magazine online platform shows that smoking cannabis truly expands the restriction of one’s lungs and does not hurt it by any means.

#6. Additional treatment for Glaucoma 

Over the long haul, Glaucoma causes more pressure on individuals’ eyeballs, which can be anguishing.

Since cannabis is a characteristic of relieving pain it can help lessen the pressure and the pain. It’s definitely not a fix just for this specific part anyway it gives transitory relief.

#7. A characteristic therapy for gut issues

Individuals that experience the harsh effects of Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s disease can use cannabis to ease a part of the anguish.

The compounds inside cannabis help to support the resistant response while attracting the cells that help the gut to work the way wherein it should.

Besides, cannabis attempts to thwart harmful microbes that cause the digestive tracts to get exasperated.

Benefits of dark chocolate

#1. Heart health

Just like CBD is powerful for supporting great heart health, so does dark chocolate. A study published back in July 2015 by the journal “Heart” revealed that people who ate dark chocolate every day lowered the risk of heart disease as well as a stroke.

The flavonoids that are found in dark chocolate are the main ingredient that helps to maintain a healthy heart. It causes the blood pressure to lower in the blood vessels to relax.

#2. Reduces the risk of developing diabetes

Taking CBD can help reduce one’s weight. It can be a powerful tool in weight control and weight loss.

Combined that with the power of dark chocolate to get insulin levels under control and you have a very supportive combination. The properties of dark chocolate help the body to metabolize glucose better.

#3. Dark chocolate can alleviate depression

Phenethylamine is a mood-boosting element that is found in dark chocolate. It is metabolized in your body stirring up serotonin. Serotonin is classically known as the feel-good chemical in your body.

When your serotonin levels dip too far down, Phenethylamine can be the powerful substitute that corrects the problem and brings you back into a happier place. Eat dark chocolate!

#4. It can protect against cancer

CBD and its own right can be powerful in preventing cancer from growing. The secret behind dark chocolate in this area of dealing with cancer is that it provides antioxidants that act as a protective barrier against cancer.

Regular consumption of dark chocolate can neutralize cancerous cell production and the typical way that it causes inflammation. It is also known to be effective against colon cancer.

#5. Supports amplified brain function

Since dark chocolate is full of flavonol content it stands to provide incredible amounts of benefit for the brain.

The compounds within dark chocolate help to increase the blood flow to the most important areas of the brain.

This heightens performance and tasks and increases alertness. They can also be a helpful tool in sharpening one’s memory and creating a deeper focus.

#6. Has a calming effect on coughs

This is not widely known information but dark chocolate can be supportive for suppressing coughing. Since it is full of antioxidants, catechins, flavonoids, theobromine, and polyphenols with all of these compound ingredients in dark chocolate it can be more effective than common cold medicines.

Naturally, the effectiveness of what might weigh upon how much dark chocolate is taken, and the amount of cocoa provided within the chosen brand.

#7. Helps to improve eyesight

The healing agents in cocoa actually have the power to increase oxygen availability and the specific nutrients to supply the blood vessels that are in the eyes. This phenomenon causes eyesight to become healthier.

Why the CBD Chocolate Combination?

Cannabinoid receptors which are additionally called anandamide are found all throughout the body. This receptor has a powerful link to positive feelings in appetite, motivation, pleasure, and health of the individual.

Cannabinoids have a powerful influence over the central nervous system, blood cells, and the cells of our whole bodies. Another helpful benefit is that they act as analgesic properties, as well as anti-inflammatory agents.

The way that this ties into cannabis chocolate are that when it hits those receptors the anandamide levels go up. Which means all the feel-good levels start to increase.

Even the slightest bit of sugar that is in some brands of dark chocolate can have a nurturing and nourishing effect on the endocannabinoid system.

When that happens some things are triggered in a positive way like the reduction of pain, boosting up cognitive processes, uplifting mood, and more.

You can expect to feel the positive benefits of CBD chocolate between 20 and 60 minutes. If you take it on a rather empty stomach you’ll feel the effects a lot quicker.

If you don’t take it on an empty stomach, it could take up to 60 minutes to feel it working.

The best way to use CBD chocolate

Well, that really does vary from person to person. It depends on the goal at hand, and one’s own body weight measurements.

A person who needs minor pain relief might require a different concentration than one who has extreme pain or other ailments.

One of the top recommendations across-the-board though is to start with a lower amount. You can buy CBD chocolates where each piece has a certain amount and some products will start at a higher level on some of the lower.

It’s best to start lower and see how you feel. From there, gradually increasing your amount.

Double-check your CBD chocolate

Since the CBD industry goes unregulated at the moment, manufacturers don’t have a particular standard of quality that they have to produce their goods by.

So, you will want to be sure that you have access to some reputable companies. A reputable company will be known for having accurate laboratory test data, as an assurance that you are getting the dosage that they say you’re getting.

Another reason for doublechecking is that a reputable company will produce their goods without any chemical components or pesticides.

Unlike, those who are in it to make a quick buck, where there’s a lot less guarantee that their CBD chocolate will be worth anything good for the body.

There you have it. The utmost revolutionary solution to enjoying chocolate at the highest level of health and vitality. Remember, to utilize dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate.

Do your best to find CBD in a pure and high-quality grade in order to garner the best results from this combo.

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