home decoration ideas

Your home is the place where you spend most of your time. It’s where you relax, have fun and do a ton of other activities. It’s the best way to show what you are like through what your home looks like.

Home decoration is really important to make sure that your home looks like one. We all do have some fantasies for our houses at the end. Once in a while we do think that how can we make our house look like one of those in magazines or those Instagram posts by great designers? Well, it’s not that tricky! Here are some tips for house decoration which you can apply and make your home look fabulous!

#1. Mix And Match

Try to mix different things from different time periods. Mixing old and new together is the new trend today. Bringing back the old with the new innovation has always been there. Try to mix a modern setup with something vintage like a book shelf or a table. Mexican and French furniture go together really well and especially the colours both styles have are mesmerizing. The combination of a 17th century French furniture piece with 18th century Mexican table will definitely lighten up your living room. This is just and example of how you can do things and you can experiment with many other styles like Victorian and Indian as both have a quality that is quite similar.

#2. Texture And Pattern

Textures and patterns bring life to a house. No doubt that sometimes a plain home has its own beauty but experimenting with textures is important to add those accents. You could have a simple wall with plain or neutral colours throughout, along with that a little outrageous upholstery with some flower patterns, or something really aesthetic could change the look of your house entirely. Accenting using those textures is the key. Materials of different kinds can be really helpful here so you need to spend some time shopping for fabrics and other materials to achieve that mix of textures.

#3. Holistic Approach

Picking out elements for a particular room before actually planning what exactly you want the whole room to look like doesn’t work out a lot of times. There would be 1 out of those 5 times where the elements you picked out look good put together. Having a holistic approach to all of it is really important. Plan out a little and try to decide about each and every element of the room around each other. This could bring the whole room together you will definitely see something way better than just putting some things together.

#4. Contrast

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, go for the most out of the box colours and Try to use them with extremely contrasting colours. Using a light shade of blue with something darker so that the colour pops out is something you can go with. Use neutral colours as base and then add pops of colours in furniture, carpets, curtains or even a painting could do the job. This trick will make sure that whatever space you are decorating doesn’t look dull at all and there is always something keeping the energy up.

#5. Reuse
Reusing old furniture or materials is never a bad thing. They give that authentic and rustic vibe wherever you use them. Reusing old wood is the trendiest thing nowadays. You could just pull out wood from an old furniture piece and use the good part to build something that could add value to it. This is a good thing for the environment as well as for the interiors. Old things will make you feel at home genuinely and you will be proud of the renovation or décor you have done to your house with all the reused things.

#6. Fabrics Beyond Furniture

Fabrics have usually been used to make furniture pieces, rugs, curtains etc. where they have not been conventionally used is the walls. Use fabrics beyond the furniture and try to use them on the Walls. Wall panelling can be done nowadays using different fabrics and wall hangings are also available in fabrics that could look great on neutral walls. A lot of prints are available in many fabric types which could do good justice to the place you are planning to decorate.

#7. Balance
Sometimes, you don’t exactly get the kind of space you would want and it doesn’t allow you to decorate it in the exact way you want it. In some circumstances you also get some furniture pieces already which are old. In such cases the best way to decorate that place is to use the old things available with the new ideas you have. Old and new go really well together when you know the right kind of elements that will bring it all together. Honour the heritage of the place and try to use what you have and have a more holistic approach to everything.

#8. Metals
Metals are totally in these days and add a different kind of warmth to the space. The raw colours that the metal furniture or even light fixtures bring in are unachievable by anything else. Adding a different kind of material also make the space look different in every aspect. You could use lamps which are in metal or metal furniture like coffee tables or even side tables in brass or steel. Some of these are very easily available and pepperfry coupons can be used to get discounts. Using traditional colours along with very industrial metals is something that will bring warmth to your house immediately. It will be a very different take on the usual contemporary.

#9. Connect Indoor To Outdoor
Closed off spaces are the worst places to live in. never close off a space to the outdoors if there is scope to have more connect to the outdoor. Go for a indoor and outdoor connect kind of concept if you like open spaces. Add maximum number of plants to the space so that you always feel fresh and there is always that energetic vibe going around. Let the light from outside come in through large windows that make a small space look even bigger. These are some neat tricks to easily decorate your house and to not have a dingy house.

#10. One Look Isn’t Enough
Never decorate your house keeping one look in mind. It’s a house after all and it’s a space which will be thoroughly used so the design and décor will definitely keep changing. Don’t have a rigid look in mind regarding the space and decorate keeping all of it open to intervention. Choose everything in such a way such that even if a single element needs to be replaced, it can be very easily without making the place look ugly.

You can use these simple tricks in your house while decorating and you will definitely see the difference. Planning is always the key to getting something good out of it. Never be scared to experiment a little, as you might turn up with something great actually.