Creative Party Themes

Birthdays are special for everyone and more so for kids. They are always excited about their birthdays and in fact eagerly await the entire year for the celebrations, cakes and gifts. Therefore, it becomes parent’s responsibility to make it all the more special for their kids.

Theme parties are in vogue these days. They are a great way to make the celebration happening and every element of the party in sync.

The sky is the limit when it comes to arranging theme parties for children. It would definitely make your kid beam with joy and their birthday the most cherished memory for them.

Interesting and Fun Theme ideas for Kid’s Birthday Celebration:


There is no denying thatMinions are loved by one and all. They also make for a happening birthday party theme for your child. You can synchronise all the elements of the party with this exciting fun theme. Keep the colour combination of yellow and blue in each element from thedecor, invitation card, and costume to thecake. A minion-shaped fondant cake would simply mesmerise your child as well as all the tiny tots attending the party.


Pirates are yet other exciting characters loved by kids. Hence, they make for theperfect theme as well. You can make the entire decor and set-up like that of a ship or worn our boat. And of course, the quintessential costumes can’t be given a miss! Those rugged shirts and jeans along with boots and eye cap would give the perfect finishing touch to the Pirates theme.


The Rainbow theme happens to be the most vibrant themes of allowing to the multiple bright colours that light up the ambience. You can have a beautiful decor in VIBGYOR colours with the help of ribbons, flowers, paper lanterns and balloons. Get an equally bright and attractive outfit for your little one along with a yummy cake.

Fairytale theme

This is one of the most common yet amazing themes for the celebration. However, this just confines to female kids. You can get the invites and decor all in white, pink and purple. Arrange for a soothing ambience with ribbons and balloons complemented with dim lighting. And the quintessential Princess cake is a must!


It is a known fact that superheroes are every kid’s favourite. Superheroes are their ultimate fantasy and most loved characters. And what best than arranging a superhero theme party for your little one. This can be one of the most hit celebrations of all. Nothing like seeing all the tiny tots dressed up as their favourite superhero. And don’t forget to get a customised superhero cake made to surprise your little one.

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