paintless dent repair

Most people find driving as the most satisfying thing to do especially when you’ve got a fancy car. How devastating would it be when a sudden accident puts a dent in your car! Worry no more, paintless dent removal is here to save your day. But is it really possible to restore your car’s beauty without the dent’s trace? Let’s take a closer look at how paintless dent repair is beneficial for your precious car.

Conventional dent repair is pretty different from paintless dent removal (PDR). With the traditional method, dents were typically pounded out of the body of a vehicle. The part with damage must be sanded down and areas that are rough are filled in with putty. That is not the end because sanding, priming, putting a base coat and a final coat will also be required to achieve the smooth finish you desire. After a long time of waiting, you must pay at least $350 to $500 for just a typical minor dent.

On the other hand, paintless dent repair targets the exterior of your car where you spot the damage using highly specialized tools that gently massage the dent from the inside out until it is no longer visible. To make sure that the surface is straight and smooth, a straight light tool is used for inspection. This technique will not take a week to accomplish and is less expensive compared to a traditional dent repair.

Why Is Paintless Dent Repair A Good Choice?

You will be happy to know the benefits of paintless dent repair which include cost-efficiency, fast turnaround, preserved car value, and environment-friendly qualities.

Money Saver. Paintless dent repair is cost-effective especially for cars with small and shallow dents. Though prices may vary depending on how serious the dent is.

Preserving Quality. This is most important when you are owning a luxury vehicle. It is heartbreaking to have it repaired and being concerned about any significant alteration for your car is truly understandable. Will it still look original after the repair? Fear not because, with paintless dent repair, the integrity of the original paintwork can be preserved and you can maintain the high resale value of your car.

Time Saver. Clearly, paintless dent removal needs a few steps to complete the procedure as compared to the conventional dent repair. Due to this, most auto shops can get your car back to you within the day versus the traditional technique which will take almost a week to complete the repair and paint jobs. This serves as an advantage since there is no need for rental vehicles while your car is in the shop.

Environmentally Safe. From the name itself, it is paintless. This is a great bonus for it means there is no need to use harmful chemicals or solvents which can have an impact on our nature in contrast with the conventional method.

Is Your Car Qualified For Paintless Dent Repair?

Most vehicles are a good candidate for paintless dent repair especially with dents due to parking lot dings and light hail damage. Paintless dent repair is also suitable for big dents as long as there are no hard creases and the paint surface is intact. To the contrary, paintless dent repair is not good for dents that have been stretched or are very deep, or damage that has removed large amounts of paint as well as dents that are located on the edges of the vehicles.

Paintless dent repair may not work on every kind of vehicle damage but knowing that there is a new method that can save your time, money, quality of your car plus eco-friendly, can make one car-lover happy despite unavoidable accidents. You may contact paintless dent repair Walnut Creek to help you determine whether this technique is best for you.