Shaving Tips for Men

It stands to reason that almost any man knows how to shave.

Despite this, there are not many men that know how to shave correctly or how to care for their skin.

Here are a few tips that may help with shaving your face.

7 Shaving Tips for Men

#1. Washing your face

Quite a few men suffer from oily skin as the day slips by. Oil blocks the pores of your face and, in turn, makes shaving an unwelcome part of your morning.

This can be avoided by washing your face well every morning before shaving. All you need is water and a facial soap that will work for you.

Remember, dry your face with a fluffy towel, and only pat your face dry without any harsh drying movements.

#2. Water and shaving gel

After drying your face, give your face a splash of warm water. This will help keep the pores of your face open and give you a cleaner shave.

It will also help to keep your face moisturized. Once you have splashed your face, place your shaving cream on immediately.

Of course, some men use gel or mousse, but whatever your choice is, place it on your face. This will keep your skin moist and help give you a closer, smoother shave.

#3. A time saver

If you are in a hurry in the morning, try shaving in the shower. This will kill two birds with one stone. It will keep your skin moist as well as save you time.

Warm water will open the pores and make your facial hair much softer. Both will let you get closer to the root of the hair.

#4. Direction is important

Many men feel that shaving against the grain of the hair is the only way to get a better shave. This is not true.

If the face is adequately moisturized, moving in the right direction can lessen the irritation of shaving.

Shaving in the direction the hair is growing will give you a smoother shave without nicks and tears to the skin.

#5. Choose a razor that suits you.

There are so many types of razors on the market today. Some come with a single blade, while others sport two to five blades. Choosing the right razor depends on you.

Some are more popular than others, but it boils down to personal preference. It is best to choose the razor you are most comfortable with.

#6. Don’t rush your shaving.

Preparing your shave is just as important as the shave. When you get up in the morning, ensure you allot enough time to give yourself a good shave.

When you wash your face, take a few minutes before applying your shaving cream. When you apply your shaving cream, give it enough time to work on moisturizing before you shave. After you have done this, you are ready to shave.

#7. Moisturizing is the key.

Moisturizing your face is the key to having skin that does not dry out. It not only helps with your shaving but helps your skin tremendously.

Soft skin also helps you from those aggravating cuts and scratches. Moisturizers that have vitamin E or moisturizers with essential oils are the best.

Men should not let their skin suffer from dryness. Most men shave and leave it at that, but there is much more to shaving than removing facial hair.

Try these tips for shaving and see if the love of your life notices the difference in the feel of your skin.